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FSM’s “Wild Bunch” Marks the End of an Era

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1601booklet2.inddAfter more than 15 years as one of the most reputable and trailblazing film soundtrack reissue labels, Film Score Monthly unveiled its 250th and final release today with a triple-disc expansion of Jerry Fielding’s score to the iconic Western The Wild Bunch.

Sam Peckinpah’s gritty tale of a gang of aging outlaws (including William Holden, Ernest Borgnine and Warren Oates) angling for one last score in the last days of the Old West is known for both its shocking (for its time) bloody violence and the revolutionary editing with which it was depicted (featuring quick cuts and tension-building slow-motion in equal measure). Fielding’s Oscar-nominated score starkly contrasts the bleakness of the picture, utilizing unconventional time signatures and period folk music indicative of the U.S.-Mexican border upon which the film takes place to add color beyond the blood spilled onscreen.

Originally issued as a soundtrack LP by Warner Bros. and expanded in 1997, The Wild Bunch is a fitting final presentation for FSM, a limited edition set (2,000 copies) featuring not only the complete score but a heap of alternate takes, demos and other archival material alongside the original soundtrack LP presentation as well.

Order your copy now and hit the jump to preview the track list – and a sincere congratulations for all of Film Score Monthly’s high-quality output!

Jerry Fielding, The Wild Bunch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – End of the Line Edition (Film Score Monthly Vol. 16, No. 1, 2013 – original film released 1969)

Disc 1

  1. Main Title
  2. From Coffer to First Shoot-Out
  3. They Cleared Out/Buck’s Arroyo
  4. Judas Goat/Mexico Lindo/Half Hour of Light/To Sykes’s Camp
  5. Angel Confronts the Gorch Brothers/1st Denver Hotel (with “Darkey’s Awakening”)
  6. Denver Flashback (with “Darkey’s Awakening”)
  7. Slow Motion Tumble/Aurora Mi Amor
  8. All Clear/Arriving at Angel’s Camp
  9. Drunk with Wine and Love/Dance at Angel’s Camp
  10. Entrance of the General
  11. Mariachi at First Cantina
  12. Song from The Wild Bunch/Angel Blows His Cork
  13. Give It to Him
  14. Ain’t He the One?/Por Favor, I Need Him/Bodega el Bodega de Baño
  15. Give Him One/Aurora Mi Amor
  16. Assault on the Train and Escape, Parts 1 and 2/Locomotive Wreck
  17. Assault on the Train and Escape, Parts 3 and 4
  18. Drinking Song
  19. Santa Amalia
  20. Dynamite/Adventures on the High Road, Part 1
  21. Adventures on the High Road, Part 2
  22. Menace/Adventures on the High Road, Part 3
  23. Sykes in the Sand Box or The Schidt Seen
  24. He’s a Thief/How?
  25. Is That Sykes?/Bounty Hunters and Sykes’s Indian
  26. Dragging Angel/Army Patrol/Dinner at Drunken Brawl
  27. Song From The Wild Bunch (guitar)

Disc 2

  1. Attempt to Save Angel/I Gonna Give It to You
  2. Dirge and Finale
  3. La Golondrina
  4. Adelita
  5. B Natural Chord/Mexico Lindo/Half Hour of Light/To Sykes’s Camp
  6. 1st Denver Hotel (without “Darkey’s Awakening”)
  7. Denver Flashback (without “Darkey’s Awakening”)
  8. Slow Motion Tumble/Aurora Mi Amor
  9. Brother Pike Needs Help
  10. All Clear (Version 2)
  11. All Clear (Version 1)
  12. Drunk with Wine and Love
  13. Song from The Wild Bunch (slow version)
  14. They’re Coming
  15. In the Drink/After the Bridge
  16. Santa Amalia
  17. Adventures on the High Road, Part 2
  18. Musica—Musica
  19. First Machine Gun Fiesta/Second Machine Gun Fiesta
  20. Is That Sykes? (Version 2)
  21. Is That Sykes? (Version 1)
  22. Fireworks
  23. Song from The Wild Bunch (harmonica)
  24. Long March
  25. Dirge (revised overlay pickup, take 3)
  26. Dirge (revised overlay pickup, take 1)
  27. La Golondrina (End Title, Long Version)
  28. La Golondrina (Instrumental Backing Track)

Disc 3

  1. Song from The Wild Bunch
  2. Main Title
  3. Aurora Mi Amor
  4. Asssault on the Train and Escape
  5. Drinking Song
  6. Adelita
  7. Adventures on the High Road
  8. Bodega el Bodega de Baño
  9. Dirge and Finale
  10. End Credits (La Golondrina)
  11. Demo #1 (Teresa’s Entrance)
  12. Demo #2 (Dirge and Finale)
  13. Teresa Ad Lib #1
  14. Teresa Ad Lib #2
  15. Teresa Ad Lib #3
  16. Santa Maria #1
  17. Santa Maria #2
  18. Tender Theme (Teresa’s Entrance)
  19. La Golondrina (End Title, Short Version)

Disc 3, Tracks 1-10 released as Warner Bros. LP WS-1814, 1969. Portions of Discs 1-2 released on Warner Bros. CD (no cat. #), 1997

Written by Mike Duquette

March 11, 2013 at 14:48

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