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Reach Out! Singles Sets for Four Tops, Martha & The Vandellas Due from Hip-O Select

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Four Tops Singles CollectionWe kick off the weekend with not one but two new Motown collections from Hip-O Select. This time, it’s a pair of singles collections from two cornerstones of the classic Motown sound – and one is packed with rarities.

The boutique label (which, if its Twitter feed is any indication, is due for a rebranding of sorts) is releasing two Singles Collection multi-disc sets from The Four Tops and Martha & The Vandellas. The classic lineup of Levi Stubbs, Obie Benson, Duke Fakir and Lawrence Payton, combined with the immaculate writing and production of the Holland-Dozier-Holland team, make their The Singles Collection 1964-1972, covering their first stretch on Motown Records in A- and B-sides, a killer addition to your collection. Not only does it feature each side released out of Detroit (including Top 10 hits “I Can’t Help Myself,” “It’s the Same Old Song,” “Reach Out I’ll Be There” and “Standing in the Shadows of Love”), but it also features a handful of tracks released on singles in the U.K. as well as the group’s astounding Italian-language versions of three of their hits.

Martha and The Vandellas Singles CollectionThings get even more exciting for the triple-disc The Singles Collection 1962-1972 from Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. “Heat Wave,” the immortal “Dancing in the Street” and “Jimmy Mack” were all major hits, but the group remains one of the most important and underrated of the Motown roster. This set will definitely entice fans: not only does it feature all of their single sides, but a third disc as well featuring a “Lost & Found” 27-track set of rare and unreleased gems from the Motown vaults. Collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Ashford & Simpson and Deke Richards – who mixed six of the rarities on this disc – abound, as do unfamiliar alternate versions of major hits. (The remainder of the work was mixed by engineer Obie O’Brien, working on vintage mixing gear in Sanctuary Studio (owned and operated by one of his most famous collaborators: Bon Jovi).

Featuring the same kind of deluxe packaging as Select’s singles sets for The Supremes and The Tempatations, both sets will be available in stores on April 2. Hit the jump to check out both sets and pre-order your copies!

The Four Tops, The Singles Collection 1964-1972 (Hip-O Select/Motown B0017484-02, 2013)

(Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K.)

Disc 1: Singles Part 1

  1. Baby I Need Your Loving (Motown M-1062-A, 1964)
  2. Call on Me (Motown M-1062-B, 1964)
  3. Without the One You Love (Life’s Not Worth While) (Motown M-1067-A, 1964)
  4. Love Has Gone (Motown M-1067-B, 1964)
  5. Ask the Lonely (Motown M-1073-A, 1965)
  6. Where Did You Go (Motown M-1073-B, 1965)
  7. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) (Motown M-1076-A, 1965)
  8. Sad Souvenirs (Motown M-1076-B, 1965)
  9. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) (Second Version) (Motown M-1076-A, 1965 – second pressing)
  10. It’s the Same Old Song (Motown M-1081-A, 1965)
  11. Your Love is Amazing (Motown M-1081-B, 1965)
  12. It’s the Same Old Song (Second Version) (Motown M-1081-A, 1965 – second pressing)
  13. Something About You (Motown M-1084-A, 1965)
  14. Darling, I Hum Our Song (Motown M-1084-B, 1965)
  15. Shake Me, Wake Me (When It’s Over) (Motown M-1090-A, 1966)
  16. Just As Long As You Need Me (Motown M-1090-B, 1966)
  17. Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever (Motown M-1096-A, 1966)
  18. I Like Everything About You (Motown M-1096-B, 1966)
  19. Reach Out I’ll Be There (Motown M-1098-A, 1966)
  20. Until You Love Someone (Motown M-1098-B, 1966)
  21. Standing in the Shadows of Love (Motown M-1102-A, 1966)
  22. Since You’ve Been Gone (Motown M-1102-B, 1966)
  23. Bernadette (Motown M-1104-A, 1967)
  24. I Got a Feeling (Motown M-1104-B, 1967)
  25. 7-Rooms of Gloom (Motown M-1110-A, 1967)
  26. I’ll Turn to Stone (Motown M-1110-B, 1967)
  27. You Keep Running Away (Motown M-1113-A, 1967)
  28. If You Don’t Want My Love (Motown M-1113-B, 1967)

Disc 2: Singles Part 2

  1. Walk Away Renee (Motown M-1119-A, 1968)
  2. Your Love is Wonderful (Motown M-1119-B, 1968)
  3. If I Were a Carpenter (Motown M-1124-A, 1968)
  4. Wonderful Baby (Motown M-1124-B, 1968)
  5. Yesterday’s Dreams (Motown M-1127-A, 1968)
  6. For Once in My Life (Motown M-1127-B, 1968)
  7. I’m in a Different World (Motown M-1132-A, 1968)
  8. Remember When (Motown M-1132-B, 1968)
  9. What is a Man (Motown M-1147-A, 1968)
  10. Don’t Bring Back Memories (Motown M-1147-B, 1968)
  11. Don’t Let Him Take Your Love from Me (Motown M-1159-A, 1968)
  12. The Key (Motown M-1159-B, 1968)
  13. It’s All in the Game (Motown M-1164-A, 1970)
  14. Love (is the Answer) (Motown M-1164-B, 1970)
  15. Still Water (Love) (Motown M-1170-A, 1970)
  16. Still Water (Peace) (Motown M-1170-B, 1970)
  17. River Deep – Mountain High – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Motown M-1173-A, 1970)
  18. Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life) (Motown M-1175-A, 1970)
  19. I Wish I Were Your Mirror (Motown M-1175-B, 1970)
  20. You Gotta Have Love in Your Heart – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Motown M-1181-A, 1971)
  21. I’m Glad About It – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Motown M-1181-A, 1971)
  22. You Gotta Have Love in Your Heart (Promo Stereo Version) – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Motown M-1181-A, 1971)
  23. In These Changing Times (Motown M-1185-A, 1970)
  24. Right Before My Eyes (Motown M-1185-B, 1970)
  25. MacArthur Park (Part 2) (Motown M-1189F-A, 1971)
  26. MacArthur Park (Part 1) (Motown M-1189F-B, 1971)

Disc 3: Singles Part 3 plus U.K.-only and Italian-language singles

  1. A Simple Game (U.S. Version) (Motown M-1196F-A, 1972)
  2. L.A. (My Town) (Motown M-1196F-B, 1972)
  3. I Can’t Quit Your Love (Motown M-1198F-A, 1972)
  4. Happy (is a Bumpy Road) (Motown M-1198F-B, 1972)
  5. (It’s the Way) Nature Planned It (Motown M-1210F-A, 1972)
  6. I’ll Never Change (Motown M-1210F-B, 1972)
  7. Mame (B-side to “Walk Away Renee” – Tamla Motown TMG-634-B (U.K.), 1967)
  8. Do What You Gotta Do (Tamla Motown TMG-710-A (U.K.), 1969)
  9. Can’t Seem to Get You Off My Mind (Tamla Motown TMG-710-B (U.K.), 1969)
  10. A Simple Game (U.K. Version) (Tamla Motown TMG-785-A (U.K.), 1971)
  11. You Stole My Love (Tamla Motown TMG-785-B (U.K.), 1971)
  12. It’s Got to Be a Miracle (This Thing Called Love) – The Supremes & The Four Tops (B-side to “River Deep – Mountain High” – Tamla Motown TMG-777-A (U.K.), 1971)
  13. Without the One You Love (Life’s Not Worth While) – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Tamla Motown TMG-815-A (U.K.), 1972)
  14. Let’s Make Love Now – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Tamla Motown TMG-815-B (U.K.), 1972)
  15. Walk with Me, Talk with Me Darling (Tamla Motown TMG-823-A (U.K.), 1972)
  16. Love Feels Like Fire (B-side to “I’ll Turn to Stone” – Tamla Motown TMG-829-B (U.K.), 1972)
  17. Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Tamla Motown TMG-836-A (U.K.), 1972)
  18. Where Would I Be Without You, Baby – The Supremes & The Four Tops (Tamla Motown TMG-836-B (U.K.), 1972)
  19. So Deep Within You (Tamla Motown TMG-850-A (U.K.), 1972)
  20. I Am Your Man (B-side to “I Can’t Quit Your Love” –  Tamla Motown TMG-858-B (U.K.), 1972)
  21. Piangono Gli Uonmini (I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) (Tamla Motown TM-8005-A (IT), 1967)
  22. Gira, Gira (Reach Out I’ll Be There) (Tamla Motown TM-8014-A (IT), 1967)
  23. L’Arcobaleno (Walk Away Renee) (Tamla Motown TM-8025-A (IT), 1968)

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, The Singles Collection 1964-1972 (Hip-O Select/Motown B0017485-02, 2013)

(Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K.)

Disc 1: Singles Part 1 plus Spanish-language singles 

  1. I’ll Have to Let Him Go (Gordy G-7011-A, 1962)
  2. My Baby Won’t Come Back (Gordy G-7011-B, 1962)
  3. Come and Get These Memories (Gordy G-7013-A, 1963)
  4. Jealous Lover (Gordy G-7013-B, 1963)
  5. Heat Wave (Gordy G-7022-A, 1963)
  6. A Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knocking Everyday) (Gordy G-7022-B, 1963)
  7. Quicksand (Gordy G-7025-A, 1963)
  8. Darling, I Hum Our Song (Gordy G-7025-B, 1963)
  9. Live Wire (Gordy G-7027-A, 1964)
  10. Old Love (Let’s Try It Again) (Gordy G-7027-B, 1964)
  11. In My Lonely Room (Gordy G-7031-A, 1964)
  12. A Tear for the Girl (Gordy G-7031-B, 1964)
  13. Dancing in the Street (Gordy G-7033-A, 1964)
  14. There He Is (At My Door) (Gordy G-7033-B, 1964)
  15. Wild One (Gordy G-7036-A, 1964)
  16. Dancing Slow (Gordy G-7036-B, 1964)
  17. Nowhere to Run (Gordy G-7039-A, 1965)
  18. Motoring (Gordy G-7039-B, 1965)
  19. You’ve Been in Love Too Long (Gordy G-7045-A, 1964)
  20. Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things) (Gordy G-7045-B, 1964)
  21. My Baby Loves Me (Gordy G-7048-A, 1964)
  22. Never Leave Your Baby’s Side (Gordy G-7048-B, 1964)
  23. What Am I Going to Do Without Your Love (Gordy G-7053-A, 1966)
  24. Go Ahead and Laugh (Gordy G-7053-A, 1966)
  25. I’m Ready for Love (Gordy G-7056-A, 1966)
  26. He Doesn’t Love Her Anymore (Gordy G-7056-B, 1965)
  27. Yo Necesito de Tu Amor (I’m Ready for Love)
  28. Jimmy Mack (Spanish Version)

Disc 2: Singles Part 2 plus bonus track

  1. Jimmy Mack (Gordy G-7058-A, 1966)
  2. Third Finger, Left Hand (Gordy G-7058-B, 1966)
  3. Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone (Gordy G-7062-A, 1967)
  4. One Way Out (Gordy G-7062-B, 1967)
  5. Honey Chile (Gordy G-7067-A, 1967)
  6. Show Me the Way (Gordy G-7067-B, 1967)
  7. I Promise to Wait My Love (Gordy G-7070-A, 1968)
  8. Forget Me Not (Gordy G-7070-B, 1968)
  9. I Can’t Dance to That Music You’re Playin’ (Gordy G-7075-A, 1968)
  10. I Tried (Gordy G-7075-B, 1968)
  11. Sweet Darlin’ (Gordy G-7080-B, 1968)
  12. Without You (Gordy G-7080-A, 1968)
  13. (We’ve Got) Honey Love (Gordy G-7085-A, 1969)
  14. I’m in Love (and I Know It) (Gordy G-7085-B, 1969)
  15. Taking My Love (and Leaving Me) (Gordy G-7094-B, 1969)
  16. Heartless (Gordy G-7094-A, 1969)
  17. I Should Be Proud (Gordy G-7098-A, 1970)
  18. Love, Guess Who (Gordy G-7098-B, 1970)
  19. I Gotta Let You Go (Gordy G-7103-A, 1970)
  20. You’re the Loser Now (Gordy G-7103-B, 1970)
  21. Bless You (Gordy G-7110F-A, 1971)
  22. Hope I Don’t Get My Heart Broke (Gordy G-7110F-B, 1971)
  23. In and Out of My Life (Gordy G-7113F-A, 1971)
  24. Your Love Makes It All Worthwhile (Gordy G-7113F-B, 1971)
  25. Tear It On Down (Gordy G-7118F-A, 1972)
  26. I Want You Back (Gordy G-7118F-A, 1972)
  27. Jimmy Mack (Stereo Single Version) *

Disc 3: Sweeter Than Ever – Motown Lost and Found (previously unreleased)

  1. I’ll Be Standing By
  2. You Just Wouldn’t Listen
  3. Better Think It Over
  4. It’s Hard to Walk Away
  5. Memories Are Made of This
  6. I Remember You
  7. C’mon and Swim
  8. Testifying for Love
  9. S.O.S. (Girl in Distress)
  10. You Can Have Him
  11. Remember Me
  12. Love, Don’t Take a Holiday
  13. Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever
  14. Light My Fire
  15. Don’t Say You Love Me
  16. I Will
  17. I’ve Got Nothing Left to Cling To
  18. I’ve Gotta Have Somebody to Rely On
  19. Hooked Real Good on a Bad Thing
  20. I Can’t Wait Till Summer Comes
  21. Don’t Leave Your Baby
  22. He’s Good
  23. Play a Sad Song
  24. Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things) (Alternate Extended Version)
  25. Dancing in the Street (Alternate Extended Version)
  26. I Can’t Dance to That Music You’re Playin’ (Original Version)
  27. I Can’t Dance to That Music You’re Playin’ (Alternate Version)

Written by Mike Duquette

March 15, 2013 at 15:45

2 Responses

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  1. Picking these up!!


    March 15, 2013 at 17:05

  2. Well, as the Four Tops sang, its the same old song from Hip-O and Universal. More Motown re-hash. I swear. Universal Music has the most unimaginative people running their catalog department. So boring.


    March 17, 2013 at 22:22

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