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Kritzerland Expands Scores by Goldsmith and Newman

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KL_Breakheart_Cov600x600Kritzerland strikes gold with another pair of archival soundtracks, released earlier today. One is a resurrected reissue of a Jerry Goldsmith score – the label’s first – and the other pairs two scores by Alfred Newman on one disc, one expanded and the other never before released.

Breakheart Pass was a hearty Western adventure starring Charles Bronson as an undercover agent attempting to uncover a villainous plot aboard a steam train hurtling toward an Army post. Alistair MacLean of The Guns of Navarone fame adapted his own novel for the screenplay, and Goldsmith, reuniting with 100 Rifles director Tom Gries, was in typical fine form, creating a kinetic, richly thematic score. It’s one that sold out once before for La-La Land Records in 2006, and this pressing, featuring some unreleased material including a film edit of one cue and an action piece sourced from the film’s music and effects track, will be as sure to please.

KL_LeaveHeaven_600x600Bruce Kimmel and company also present two of Alfred Newman’s many soundtracks for 20th Century-Fox on one disc. 1945’s Leave Her to Heaven, based on the best-selling novel by Ben Ames Williams, was a smash for Fox, the studio’s highest-grossing picture of the decade. Gene Tierney earned an Oscar nomination for her turn as a femme fatale who’ll do anything to keep her husband’s attention focused solely on her. Featuring Oscar-winning Technicolor cinematography, Leave Her to Heaven benefits from a beautiful underscore by Newman, which was partially released by Film Score Monthly in 2000 alongside Newman’s Oscar-nominated music to All About Eve. The Kritzerland presentation uses newly-discovered first generation elements for nearly every track for the best possible sound quality, and pairs the score with a decidedly lighter, unreleased one, 1951’s Take Care of My Little Girl. (The films do possess some common ground, with a co-starring turn by Jeanne Crain and a shared source cue, “Marie (in the Middle of a Night in June).”)

The discs will ship the third week of May, but preorders placed at Kritzerland usually ship one to five weeks early. Both sets are limited to 1,000 copies at $19.98 apiece plus shipping, and are selling at Kritzerland now! Hit the jump to get yours!

Jerry Goldsmith, Breakheart Pass: An Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack (Kritzerland KR 20025-4, 2013 – original film released 1975)

  1. Breakheart Pass – Main Title
  2. Free Ride/Hot Stove
  3. Medical Supplies
  4. The Trestle
  5. On the Move/Runaway
  6. No Word Yet
  7. Night Watch/Help Yourself
  8. Who Are You?
  9. The Casket/Box Car Fight
  10. Make Up Your Mind/Leaving the Fort
  11. A New Friend
  12. Here They Come (Part I)
  13. Here They Come (Part II)
  14. Raiding Party
  15. No Entry
  16. Last Battle
  17. Reunited/Breakheart Pass – End Credits
  18. Here They Come (Film Version)
  19. Four Styles
  20. End Credits (Alternate Mix)

Portions previously released on La-La Land Records LLLCD 1044, 2006

Alfred Newman, Leave Her to Heaven/Take Care of My Little Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (Kritzerland KR 20025-6, 2013 – original films released 1945/1951)

  1. Prelude
  2. Ash Ritual
  3. Danny
  4. Erotomania
  5. The Seductress
  6. Bar Harbor
  7. Unrest
  8. Homicide
  9. Arsenic
  10. Redemption
  11. Marie (in the Middle of a Night in June) — Version 1
  12. The Old Maine Bell/Home Town
  13. Liz and Joe
  14. Sorority Row
  15. Tears
  16. Ruth
  17. Liz
  18. The Plebes
  19. Sobs
  20. The Search
  21. Take Care of My Little Girl – Finale
  22. Jug Room Theme
  23. Marie (in the Middle of a Night in June) — Version 2
  24. Jug Room Theme (Alternate)
  25. “Vorspiel” from Wagner’s Lohengrin (Stereo)
  26. The Old Maine Bell (Stereo)
  27. Crown Us Gently, Gently (The Tri-U Song)
  28. Finale (Alternate Orchestra)

Portions of Tracks 1-11 previously released on Film Score Monthly CD Vol. 2, No. 7, 2000.

Written by Mike Duquette

April 15, 2013 at 17:52

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