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Soundtrack Watch: La-La Land Issues a “Challenge,” Intrada Premieres Goldsmith, Bernstein, Jarre Classics

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Here’s some recent soundtrack news from the last month to keep you up to date on two of our favorite score labels: La-La Land and Intrada.

  • La-La Land’s released several archival scores in the past few weeks. First there was The Challenge, a film written by John Sayles and directed by John Frankenheimer and starring Scott Glenn and Toshirō Mifune as two unlikely partners tasked to obtain a rare sword in Japan. Jerry Goldsmith provided a fine action score for the flick; first released on Prometheus Records in 2000, this release features one bonus track, the original film version of the end credits (Goldsmith requested an alternate take be used on the last release; that track closes out this CD program). The disc is available for sale, although fan requests about the initial pressing’s sound quality have prompted LLL to work on replacement discs, the details of which will be formally announced next month.
  • La-La Land also released a pair of Elmer Bernstein Western scores on one CD, including The Shootist (1976), the final film of John Wayne, and a CD release of the original soundtrack LP from The Sons of Katie Elder, featuring a song by Johnny Cash. In that same batch, they also expanded James Newton Howard’s score to Grand Canyon, a 1991 drama by Lawrence Kasdan (writer/director of The Big Chill).
  • And Intrada’s been busy as well: their second most-recent batch also featured Bernstein (The Carpetbaggers (1964), based on the Harold Robbins novel – featuring both original film score and re-recorded album debuting on CD) and Goldsmith (the brief but fascinating score to the political thriller Seven Days in May (1964)). Seven Days was paired with a Maurice Jarre score for Warner Bros., The Mackintosh Man (1973), a John Huston thriller starring Paul Newman.
  • Intrada’s most recent batch, announced Monday, features an expanded edition of Bill Conti’s score to Five Days from Home (1979), starring The A-Team‘s George Peppard (who also directed) as an escaped prisoner. The label also prepped more Goldsmith: the premiere of the complete score to the WWII action film Von Ryan’s Express starring Frank Sinatra, as well as a remaster of the jazzy score to The Detective, another Sinatra vehicle. (Fun fact: Sinatra’s character in this film was sourced from a novel by Roderick Thorp; a sequel to that novel, Nothing Lasts Forever, featured the same protagonist taking on terrorists in a skyscraper. It was later heavily adapted as Die Hard in 1988.)

Everything described above is available now, with full track lists and artwork, after the jump.

The ChallengeJerry Goldsmith, The Challenge: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (originally released as Prometheus PCR-505, 2000 – reissued/expanded La-La Land Records LLLCD 1248, 2013 – original film released 1982)

  1. Main Title
  2. The Wrong Sword
  3. Over the Top/Fish Market
  4. Half An Equal
  5. Lonely Road
  6. “Let’s Talk”
  7. Interlude
  8. “Can’t We Do It?”
  9. The Pit
  10. Double Cross/Bamboo Forest
  11. The Traitor
  12. “Stay with Me”
  13. “I Will Go”
  14. Surprise Visitor/Forced Entry
  15. No Defense
  16. “As You Wish”/End Title *
  17. End Title (Alternate)

* indicates previously unreleased track

Carpetbaggers_a_600Elmer Bernstein, The Carpetbaggers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 233, 2013 – original film released 1964)

  1. Seal/Main Title
  2. A Maverick
  3. The Forbidden Room
  4. Separate Trails
  5. Lots of Lovely Ceilings
  6. Nevada’s Trouble
  7. Get a Divorce
  8. Movie Mogul
  9. Two of a Kind
  10. Sierra Source Pt. 2
  11. Jennie (not used in film)
  12. Rina’s Dead
  13. Speak of the Devil
  14. New Star
  15. Bad Bargain
  16. Jonas Hits Bottom
  17. Finale
  18. The Carpetbaggers
  19. Love Theme from The Carpetbaggers
  20. Speak of the Devil
  21. Forbidden Room
  22. The Carpetbagger Blues
  23. Main Title from The Carpetbaggers
  24. New Star
  25. The Producer Asks for a Divorce
  26. Jonas Hits Bottom
  27. Finale

Tracks 1-17 previously unreleased. Tracks 18-27 released as Ava LP A/AS-45ST, 1964

isc235booklet.inddJerry Goldsmith/Maurice Jarre, Seven Days in May/The Mackintosh Man: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 235, 2013 – original films released 1964/1973)

  1. Main Title (Original Version)
  2. Pickets
  3. First Sign of Trouble
  4. Prentice Spills the Beans
  5. Midnight Rendezvous
  6. The Meeting is Over
  7. Casey is Caught
  8. Secret Rendezvous
  9. Escape from Ecomcon
  10. Scott Defeated
  11. End Title
  12. Main Title (Film Version)
  13. Main Title
  14. Postal Thief
  15. Meeting in Prison
  16. Loose Talk
  17. Clean Laundry
  18. Drugs for Rearden
  19. The Pursuit
  20. Escape Route
  21. Party 1
  22. Party 2
  23. Rendezvous with Wheeler
  24. End Title
  25. Loose Talk (Alternate)
  26. The Mackintosh Man (Single Version) (released as Warner Bros. single 16325, 1973)

Tracks 1-11 from Seven Days in May. Tracks 12-26 from The Mackintosh Man. All tracks except Track 26 previously unreleased

ShootistElmer Bernstein, The Shootist/The Son of Katie Elder: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1254, 2013 – original films released 1976/1965)

  1. Main Title (Theme from The Shootist)
  2. “D”/Prognosis
  3. Ride
  4. Attack
  5. Pain/Promise
  6. Farewells
  7. Sweeney
  8. Shootout
  9. Decision/Epilogue
  10. Main Title (Theme from The Sons of Katie Elder)
  11. Texas is a Woman (Instrumental)
  12. The Elders Fight
  13. Dangerous Journey
  14. Trouble in Town
  15. Return to Town
  16. The Sons of Katie Elder – Johnny Cash
  17. Rebuked
  18. Memories of Clearwater
  19. Sheriff Ambushed
  20. Katie’s Bible
  21. Hastings Ranch
  22. Texas is a Woman (Narration by John Wayne)
  23. The Sons of Katie Elder – Ernie Sheldon

Tracks 1-9 from The Shootist – previously unreleased. Tracks 10-23 from The Sons of Katie Elder – released as Columbia LP OS-2820, 1965

Grand CanyonJames Newton Howard, Grand Canyon: Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (originally released as RCA Victor CD 07863 61115-2, 1991 – expanded La-La Land Records LLLCD 1251, 2013)

  1. Main Titles
  2. Mack Gets Lost *
  3. My Sister Lives Around Here/Those Rocks
  4. Roberto Leaves for Camp *
  5. The Baby
  6. Don’t Work Late
  7. Simon Reverie *
  8. Claire Returns the Baby
  9. Don’t Want Out
  10. Mack Cuts Himself/911 *
  11. Mack and Claire’s Dream
  12. Bloodstain
  13. Mack’s Flashback
  14. You White?
  15. Claire and Davis Talk/Jons Market *
  16. Keep the Baby
  17. Coming Home from Camp *
  18. Dee in Brentwood
  19. Dee Drives *
  20. Otis Runs
  21. Doesn’t Matter
  22. Otis Comes Back *
  23. Roberto Drives/Stage 20/Finale *
  24. Grand Canyon Fanfare/End Titles
  25. Simon Reverie (Alternate) *
  26. Keep the Baby (Alternate) *
  27. Dee Quits (Alternate) *
  28. Film Thriller (Source) *

* denotes previously unreleased track

FiveDays_a_600-1Bill Conti, Five Days from Home: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (originally released as MCA Records 2362, 1979 – expanded Intrada Special Collection Vol. 240, 2013)

  1. Five Days from Home (Theme)
  2. I Could with Your Love – De Etta Metoyer & Nelson Pigford
  3. Come with Me Now (Love Theme)
  4. Lighting Into Town *
  5. Motel No. 1 *
  6. Fiddle-Diddle
  7. This House Has Never Known Such Love
  8. Five Days from Home (Theme)
  9. Come with Me Now (Love Theme)
  10. The Bridge
  11. Motel No. 2 *
  12. This House Has Never Known Such Love – De Etta Metoyer
  13. The Dump *
  14. The First Tango from Texas
  15. The Last Desperate Steps
  16. Come with Me Now (Love Theme) – Nelson Pigford
  17. Five Days from Home (End Theme) *

* denotes previously unreleased track

isc232booklet.inddJerry Goldsmith, Von Ryan’s Express/The Detective: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (Intrada Special Collection Vol. 232, 2013 – original films released 1965/1968)

  1. The Detective Main Title
  2. Joe
  3. The School Dance
  4. A New Love
  5. A Family Affair
  6. Beach Scene
  7. The Ball Game
  8. Karen’s Story
  9. Night Talk
  10. The Safe Cracker
  11. McIver’s Story
  12. Joe’s Decision
  13. Meet Von Ryan
  14. Entrance to Compound *
  15. Ryan Walks Forward
  16. Fire Sale *
  17. The Trek Begins *
  18. Hiding
  19. Ambushed *
  20. Boxcar
  21. Welcome to Rome
  22. Farewell to Rome
  23. A New Crew
  24. The Love Birds
  25. Mission Accomplished
  26. The Clock Watcher
  27. Dead End Part 1
  28. Dead End Part 2
  29. German Control Center
  30. End Titles *
  31. Welcome to Rome (Mono Version)
  32. Funeral Sequence
  33. Fire Sale (Alternate Take) *

Tracks 1-12 from The Detective – released . Tracks 13-33 from Von Ryan’s Express. Tracks on this disc previously released on Jerry Goldsmith At 20th Century-Fox box set – Varese Sarabande VCL 0204 1028-6, 2004

Written by Mike Duquette

April 17, 2013 at 11:49

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