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We Rock! “Sacred Heart”-Era Dio Show Remastered for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray

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Finding the Sacred HeartA reissue of Magica isn’t all Dio fans have to look forward to this summer on the catalogue front: Eagle Rock is remastering and expanding a 1986 live show from the legendary metal band across multiple formats.

Finding the Sacred Heart: Live in Philly 1986 captures Dio’s full show from Philadelphia’s grand departed arena, The Spectrum, on June 17, 1986. The band’s most recent studio album, Sacred Heart, had been out for almost a year, but this leg of the tour featured the first of many lineup changes, with guitarist Craig Goldy replacing Vivian Campbell. This lineup of Ronnie James Dio, Goldy, bassist Jimmy Bain and drummer Vinny Appice would record 1987’s Dream Evil.

This tour, which featured a monstrous stage show with laser light effects and an animatronic dragon attack, was first chronicled through the videocassette Sacred Heart: The Video in 1986, which featured an edited version of this concert. (That program was released on DVD by Rhino in 2004.) For this release, though, Eagle Rock has remastered the entire show from its original audiovisual elements, reinstating five full songs to the show’s running time and re-sequencing it in the proper order. Some archival bonus material will also be included, including interviews with the late Dio and his new guitarist Goldy.

Finding the Sacred Heart is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and double-disc CD on May 28. Hit the jump to pre-order your copies and check out the track list!

Finding The Sacred Heart: Live in Philly 1986 (Eagle Rock, 2013)

Amazon: 2CD / DVD / Blu-Ray

Disc 1

  1. Draco Ignis
  2. King of Rock and Roll
  3. Like the Beat of a Heart  *
  4. Don’t Talk to Strangers *
  5. Hungry for Heaven
  6. Medley: The Last in Line/Children of the Sea/Holy Diver/The Last in Line (Reprise) **
  7. Drum Solo
  8. Heaven and Hell
  9. Keyboard Solo
  10. Guitar Solo

Disc 2

  1. Sacred Heart
  2. Medley: Rock ‘N’ Roll Children/Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll/Man on the Silver Mountain/Rock ‘N’ Roll Children (Reprise)
  3. Time to Burn
  4. Stand Up and Shout *
  5. Rainbow in the Dark
  6. We Rock *

* previously unreleased

DVD/Blu-Ray special features

  • Sacred Heart Tour Featurette
  • Interview ’86
  • Interview with Ronnie & Craig
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Children (promo video)
  • Behind the Scenes

Written by Mike Duquette

May 2, 2013 at 10:01

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