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High Adventure: Kritzerland Heads To “The Far Horizons,” Uncovers “Secret of the Incas”

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Far Horizons OSTThere’s even more film soundtrack news coming your way today, thanks to Kritzerland’s latest announcement!  The label will release a special two-for-one CD combining the scores to two vintage adventure films starring Charlton Heston: 1955’s Lewis and Clark drama The Far Horizons and 1954’s exotic Secret of the Incas, the latter of which is frequently cited as a direct inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark.  This 1,000-unit limited edition is set for release by the first week of August, though pre-orders from the label usually arrive an average of four weeks earlier.

The Far Horizons, with Heston as Lt. William Clark and Fred MacMurray as Capt. Meriwether Lewis, featured an original score by Hans J. Salter (1896-1994).  Though not well-known today, Salter composed music for some of the most beloved horror films of all time including The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.  He was equally comfortable in other genres, also scoring comedies like Come September and Bedtime Story (the inspiration for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) as well as Fritz Lang’s film noir Scarlet Street.  Director Rudolph Mate’s film was shot in Technicolor and in Paramount’s widescreen VistaVision process, and Salter provided a score to match the lush visuals.  Kritzerland describes his music as “a majestic beauty, with a wonderful main theme that gets plenty of variations, along with some great dramatic scoring.”  The new CD includes all of the surviving cues (most of the score as heard in the film) in mono sound.

After the jump, we discover the Secret of the Incas, and we have a track listing and order link!

A legend says that the Inca Empire was destroyed by the gods when a starburst of gold and jewels was stolen from the Temple of the Sun many centuries ago. The legend continues that the empire will be reborn once the treasure is returned. Now, an adventurer is seeking the treasure, as is his nemesis. The adventurer wears a brown leather jacket, a fedora, tan pants, and an over-the-shoulder bag and revolver.

That’s how Kritzerland describes Jerry Hopper’s 1954 adventure Secret of the Incas, but even the most casual film fan will also recognize it as the basis for the 1981 blockbuster Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Indeed, Raiders costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis confirmed that the costume worn by Charlton Heston’s Harry Steele was the inspiration for Indy’s world-famous garb.  She told writers Mike French and Gilles Verschuere that “we did watch this film together as a crew several times, and I always thought it strange that the filmmakers did not credit it later as the inspiration for the series.”  She went on to joke that Secret of the Incas is “almost a shot for shot Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Alas, David Buttolph’s score didn’t go on to a life of its own as John Williams’ for Raiders did, but Kritzerland has rediscovered it as a true hidden gem.  The label describes it as “exotic and adventure-filled.”  It was but one in a long string of scoring assignments for Buttolph (1902-1983), who composed scores to over 300 films and television programs including Maverick, House of Wax, and This Gun for Hire.  Buttolph weaved Moises Vivanco’s song “High Andes” into his score, as it was recorded by one of the film’s stars, the distinctive vocalist Yma Sumac.  All of the surviving film cues are presented on the new CD in stereo.

You can order The Far Horizons/Secret of the Incas at the link below!   It’s due the first week of August, though pre-orders from the label usually arrive an average of four weeks earlier.

Original Motion Picture Scores, The Far Horizons and Secret of the Incas (Kritzerland, 2013)

  1. Prelude/Virginia Reel
  2. Minnetarees/Indian Tepee
  3. Proclamation
  4. Fork of the River
  5. Separation*
  6. Rescue*
  7. Cold Steel
  8. Won Woman*
  9. Shoshones*
  10. Bridal Tent*
  11. Dishonor
  12. Journey West
  13. Trouble Ahead*
  14. Easy Prey/Ambush
  15. White House*
  16. Finale*
  17. Prelude (Parts 1 & 2)**
  18. Native Music #1 (Alternate)
  19. Elena Arrives
  20. Cocktail Music #2
  21. By the Campfire
  22. Dance to the Sun
  23. Pilgrimage (Part 2)
  24. Elena and Harry Quarrel
  25. Native Dance #4
  26. Sunburst Stolen (Part 2)
  27. Morgan’s Death**
  28. End Title
  29. Julia’s Minuet (The Far Horizons)
  30. Salter’s Gavotte (The Far Horizons)
  31. Choose Your Partner (The Far Horizons)
  32. To the Colors (The Far Horizons)
  33. Tango (Secret of the Incas)
  34. Cocktail Music #5 (Secret of the Incas)

Tracks 1-16 from The Far Horizons, composed and conducted by Hans Salter
Tracks 17-28 from Secret of the Incas, composed and conducted by David Buttolph
Tracks 29-34 are bonus tracks

(*) contains “Janey” by Hans J. Salter and Wilson Stone
(**) contains “High Andes” by Moises Vivanco

Written by Joe Marchese

June 17, 2013 at 14:06

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