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“You Came,” You Saw, You Conquered: Universal U.K. Gets “Close” to Kim Wilde Classic for Its 25th Anniversary

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Kim Wilde Close 25Universal’s U.K. arm will expand Kim Wilde’s Close (1988) for its 25th anniversary with a two-disc set full of rare and unreleased remixes on September 2.

Wilde’s sixth album was her biggest success to date, a U.K. Top 10 album with four huge hits to its name in “Hey Mister Heartache” and Top 10 singles “You Came,” “Never Trust a Stranger” and “Four Letter Word.” (The record was a Top 20 album in the U.S., though only “You Came” charted Stateside, landing at No. 41.) Close remains one of Wilde’s most beloved and fully-realized albums (an opinion shared by Wilde herself), and her popularity also earned her the opening slot on the European leg of Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour – no small feats here.

The newly-expanded Close includes all the B-sides and remixes from all five singles released from the album, many of which have not been released on CD at all, or not since the original CD single releases. (This includes Shep Pettibone’s remix of “You Came” for U.S. singles, which was included in full on a European 12″ single.) In addition, an unreleased a capella and “bonus beats” version of “You Came” have been added to the bonus disc.

The full track list and pre-order links for this new reissue are after the jump.

Close: Remastered Expanded Edition (Universal (U.K.), 2013)

(Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K.)

Disc 1: Original LP (released as MCA 255 588-1, 1988) and single sides

  1. Hey Mister Heartache
  2. You Came
  3. Four Letter Word
  4. Love in the Natural Way
  5. Love’s a No
  6. Never Trust a Stranger
  7. You’ll Be the One Who’ll Lose
  8. European Soul
  9. Stone
  10. Lucky Guy
  11. Tell Me Where You Are (B-side to “Hey Mister Heartache” – MCA KIM7, 1988)
  12. Wotcha Gonna Do (B-side to “Never Trust a Stranger” – MCA KIM9, 1988)
  13. She Hasn’t Got Time for You ’88 (B-side to “Four Letter Word” – MCA KIM10, 1988)
  14. Hey Mister Heartache (Single Version) (single A-side – MCA KIM7, 1988)
  15. You Came (Single Version) (single A-side – MCA KIM8, 1988)
  16. Never Trust a Stranger (Single Version) (single A-side – MCA KIM9, 1988)
  17. Love in the Natural Way (Video Edit) (single A-side – MCA KIM11, 1988)
  18. You Came (Shep Pettibone 7″ Remix) (U.S. single A-side – MCA 53370, 1988)

Disc 2: Remixes

  1. Hey Mister Heartache (12″ Version) (12″ A-side – MCA KIMT7, 1988)
  2. Hey Mister Heartache (Kilo Watt Remix) (12″ A-side – MCA KIMX7, 1988)
  3. Hey Mister Heartache (Bonus Beats) *
  4. Hey Mister Heartache (A Capella with Percussion) *
  5. You Came (Extended Version) (12″ A-side – MCA KIMT8, 1988)
  6. You Came (Shep Pettibone 12″ Remix) (12″ A-side – MCA KIMX8, 1988)
  7. You Came (Dub Version #1) (12″ B-side – MCA KIMX8, 1988)
  8. You Came (Dub Version #2) (12″ B-side – MCA KIMX8, 1988)
  9. Never Trust a Stranger (Extended Version) (12″ A-side – MCA KIMT9, 1988)
  10. Never Trust a Stranger (The Sanjazz Mix) (12″ A-side – MCA KIMX9, 1988)
  11. Four Letter Word (Extended Version) (12″ A-side – MCA KIMT10, 1988)
  12. Four Letter Word (Late Night Mix) (12″ B-side – MCA KIMT10, 1988)
  13. Love in the Natural Way (12″ A-side – MCA KIMT11, 1988)

Written by Mike Duquette

July 11, 2013 at 14:55

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  1. I’m delighted that the expanded 2-CD Kim Wilde series is continuing….and from Universal(owner of the MCA catalog) themselves, rather than licensed to a reissue label. There had been some criticisms(over sound quality, and, allegedly dubbing some U.S.A. 12″ mixes from vinyl) of the two titles that Cherry Pop had released under license from Universal, specifically the reissue of the album “Another Step”

    Philip Cohen

    July 11, 2013 at 20:06

  2. I absolutely adore this album. It’s one of my favourite pop albums from the ’80s. Impressive track listing! I cannot wait for this and the Belinda Carlisle reissues.


    July 11, 2013 at 21:57

  3. A laudable project! Kudos to Cherry Pop, Steve and Marcel for requesting this and providing what would be the base track listing, and kudos to Universal for adding two previously unreleased mixes to the set! As for Cherry Pop and the vinyl dub issue on several releases, unfortunately the masters for certain tracks and mixes were unavailable (i.e. lost/missing from the archives) despite extensive searching on both sides of the Atlantic. Rather than omit those tracks, they decided that vinyl dubs would be better than nothing – and we should be glad they did, as the quality was superior to unofficial dubs that had circulated among fans prior to these recent reissues. Looking forward to buying and enjoying Close 25!


    July 23, 2013 at 13:39

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