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Another Expanded “Star Trek” Score Immortalized on CD

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Star Trek InsurrectionEngage! Another film score from the Star Trek universe has been expanded on CD; this time, it’s the score to 1998’s Star Trek: Insurrection.

The third Trek film to feature the crew of the USS Enterprise-D as featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation (although this film, like its predecessor First Contact, finds the crew manning the Enterprise-E), First Contact finds Picard, Riker and crew openly rebelling against a Starfleet plot: to help one alien race, the Son’a, steal a planet away from the peaceful Bak’u, whose home planet offers astounding regenerative abilities – in effect, making its denizens immortal.

Though the film (directed, like its predecessor, by the Enterprise‘s Commander Riker, Jonathan Frakes) received mixed critical notices for feeling more like an extended episode of The Next Generation than a full-fledged cinematic event, one thing was suitably big-budget: the score by Jerry Goldsmith. Of course, Goldsmith was no stranger to Trek, having developed the series’ iconic film themes in two TOS-era films (1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture and 1989’s Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). That main theme became the flagship piece to introduce TNG, and Goldsmith would go on to score First ContactInsurrection and 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis. Once again, Goldsmith supplies a lush score with rousing new themes to go with the familiar musical developments he’d supplied the series.

Insurrection is somewhat different from other score presentations in the series: although it had a successful soundtrack album presentation (with select alternate edits and takes), that album is not included in this new edition. (Fear not, completists: it’s still readily in print from GNP Crescendo.) Instead, what we hear on this 79-minute disc is the complete film score, augmented with five alternate cues for maximum archival enjoyment.

It’s been a bountiful few years for Trek score lovers: with Insurection, the first nine scores in the series have been expanded. Since The Second Disc started, we enjoyed covering the reissues of The Motion Picture (1979), The Search for Spock (1984), The Voyage Home (1986), The Final Frontier (1989) – reissued by both La-La Land and Intrada – The Undiscovered Country (1991), Generations (1994) and First Contact (1996)…not to mention box sets and compilations of music from The Original Series, three for The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine and 2009’s Star Trek reboot. (Essentially, one of the last pieces of the puzzle is Goldsmith’s score to Nemesis, originally released by Varese Sarabande.)

After the jump, you can order Insurrection and check out its track list!

Star Trek: Insurrection – Expanded Collector’s Edition Soundtrack (originally released as GNP Crescendo GNPD 8059, 1998 – reissued GNP Crescendo 8082, 2013)

  1. Ba’ku Village
  2. Out of Orbit/Take Us In *
  3. Come Out
  4. In Custody
  5. Warp Capability/The Planet/Children’s Story *
  6. The Holodeck *
  7. How Old Are You Now/New Sight *
  8. Lost Ship/Prepare the Ship *
  9. As Long As We Can *
  10. Not Functioning/Send Your Ships *
  11. Growing Up/Wild Flowers/Photon Torpedo *
  12. The Drones Attack
  13. The Riker Maneuver
  14. Stay with Me *
  15. The Same Race
  16. The Collector *
  17. No Threat
  18. Tractor Beam *
  19. The Healing Process (Revised) *
  20. The Healing Process (Original Version)
  21. End Credits
  22. Ba’ku Village (Alternate Ending) *
  23. The Holodeck (Alternate Opening) *
  24. Growing Up (Alternate) *
  25. Tractor Beam (Alternate) *

* denotes previously unreleased track

Written by Mike Duquette

July 15, 2013 at 10:20

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