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Tears for Fears’ “The Hurting” Revisited As a Box Set

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TFF The Hurting boxLooks like our Tears for Fears wishes have come true: the U.K. synthpop band’s first album is getting greatly expanded as a deluxe edition and box set this year to mark its 30th anniversary.

As we’d detailed around the anniversary of the album, there was certainly more than enough to go around for bonus material: many of the singles were different from what ended up on record, the typical non-LP B-sides and remixes, even a live show recorded on video. Happily, it looks like nearly all of that plus more will be included on the set, available in double-disc and four-disc (three CDs and one DVD) formats.

The first bonus disc collates all of those studio bonus tracks from the “Suffer the Children,” “Pale Shelter,” “Mad World” and “Change” singles (plus an alternate version of “Suffer the Children” released on a 1989 promo disc). The extra CD and DVD exclusive to the box set will collect live material: previously unreleased 1982 BBC radio sessions with John Peel and David Jensen alongside two live B-sides on the third disc, and the In My Mind’s Eye live feature – recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon and featuring not only nearly all the selections from The Hurting but four tracks that would form half of the band’s worldwide breakthrough Songs from the Big Chair (“The Working Hour,” “Mothers Talk,” “Broken” and U.S. Top 5 hit “Head Over Heels”).

The box will also include a replica of an original tour program and liner notes with new interviews by TFF founders Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith (currently at work on their first new album since 2005). The first 500 customers who pre-order the box set through Universal get a bonus reissue of the “Change” 7″ single in its original “fishnet” sleeve.

Both versions are out in the U.K. October 21. Hit the jump to place your orders (thus far, only Amazon U.K. links for the four-disc variant exist) and check out the track list!

The Hurting: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Mercury/UMC (U.K.), 2013)

Disc 1: Original LP (originally released as Mercury MERS 17 (U.K.)/811 039-1 M-1 (U.S.), 1983)

  1. The Hurting
  2. Mad World
  3. Pale Shelter
  4. Ideas As Opiates
  5. Memories Fade
  6. Suffer the Children
  7. Watch Me Bleed
  8. Change
  9. The Prisoner
  10. Start of the Breakdown

Disc 2: B-sides and remixes

  1. Suffer the Children (Single Version)
  2. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love) (Single Version)
  3. The Prisoner (Single Version)
  4. Ideas As Opiates (Single Version)
  5. Change (New Version)
  6. Suffer the Children (Remix)
  7. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love) (Extended Version)
  8. Mad World (World Remix)
  9. Change (Extended Version)
  10. Pale Shelter (New Extended Remix)
  11. Suffer the Children (Instrumental)
  12. Change (Edit)
  13. Wino
  14. The Conflict
  15. We Are Broken
  16. Suffer the Children (Promo CD Version)

Tracks 1 and 13 released as Phonogram single IDEA 1, 1981
Tracks 2-3 released as Phonogram single IDEA 2, 1982
Track 4 released on Phonogram single IDEA 3, 1982
Tracks 5 and 9 released on Phonogram 12″ single IDEA 412, 1983
Tracks 6 and 11 released on Phonogram 12″ single IDEA 12, 1981
Track 7 released on Phonogram 12″ single IDEA 212, 1981
Track 8 released on Phonogram 12″ single IDEA 312, 1982
Track 10 released on Phonogram 12″ single IDEA 512, 1983
Tracks 12 and 14 released as Phonogram single IDEA 4, 1983
Track 15 released on Phonogram single IDEA 5, 1983
Track 16 released on Five Tracks from The Hurting promo EP – Fontana TFFCD 83, 1989

Disc 3: Live Sessions (exclusive to box set – previously unreleased except where noted)

  1. Ideas As Opiates (John Peel Session – 9/1/1982)
  2. Suffer the Children (John Peel Session – 9/1/1982)
  3. The Prisoner (John Peel Session – 9/1/1982)
  4. The Hurting (John Peel Session – 9/1/1982)
  5. Memories Fade (David Jensen Session – 10/2/1982)
  6. The Prisoner (David Jensen Session – 10/2/1982)
  7. Start of the Breakdown (David Jensen Session – 10/2/1982)
  8. The Hurting (David Jensen Session – 10/2/1982)
  9. Start of the Breakdown (Live in Oxford) (from “The Way You Are” double 7″ single – Phonogram IDEA S6, 1983)
  10. Change (Live in Oxford) (from “The Way You Are” double 7″ single – Phonogram IDEA S6, 1983)

Disc 4: DVD – In My Mind’s Eye: Live At Hammersmith Odeon (released on Music Media laserdisc 04 349-1, 1984)

  1. Start of the Breakdown
  2. Mothers Talk
  3. Pale Shelter
  4. The Working Hour
  5. The Prisoner
  6. Ideas As Opiates
  7. Mad World
  8. We Are Broken
  9. Head Over Heels
  10. Suffer the Children
  11. The Hurting
  12. Memories Fade
  13. Change

Written by Mike Duquette

August 5, 2013 at 09:47

11 Responses

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  1. Fabulous news, I’m there!

    William Hill

    August 5, 2013 at 10:15

  2. is the DVD region free?

    Douglas Belardi

    August 5, 2013 at 11:28

  3. First of all congratulations to The Second Disc, for its Reissue Theory was so right (and I cannot help but believe that it’s been used by the record company, at least as a first draft…) and the coming of this box set is very good news!

    There are still a few things that are bugging me though…

    – Where is “Saxophone as Opiates” that was a B-side on the 12″ of “Mad World” (Phonogram IDEA 312, 1982)? This track as never been issued on CD as far as I know… I would have like to have it instead of a single edit of “Change”!!!

    – The link you give to the Universal sites shows “Pale Shelter (Long Version)” (7:09) as the seventh track of the second disc and NOT “Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love) (Extended Version)” (which would be the first 12″ version, produced by Howlet, clocking at 6:25).
    If it’s true it’s too bad because:
    …1… the Long Version is already available on the 1999 remastered edition,
    …2… it’s only a longer version (7:09 vs. 6:41) of the 10th track of the same disc! (the 12″ version of “Pale Shelter” produced by Hughes/Cullum),
    …3… the first 12″ version of “Pale Shelter” (produced by Howlet) is still not available on CD…

    I’m looking forward to play the third disc and the DVD!… And I’m waiting for the same kind of treatment for “Songs from the Big Chair” and “The Seeds of Love” 🙂


    August 6, 2013 at 18:54

    • Both the Howlett and the Hughes/Cullum remix of Pale Shelter are there. And the band did not want Saxophones as Opiates.


      December 17, 2013 at 17:36

      • I haven’t bought the set yet, but from what i’ve read here and there:
        – The Howlett version of “Pale Shelter” is here but only in its 7″ version. The 12″ version remains unavailable.
        – Tracks 2.07 and 2.10 are the same version of the same song, one being a bit longer.
        – So are 1.08 and 2.12.
        – And it seems like the single version of “Ideas as Opiates” was erroneously replaced by the album version, so 1.04 = 2.04…

        So here we are, with three duplicated tracks, and three missing ones (the 12″ version of Howlett’s “Pale Shelter”, the early single version of “Ideas as Opiates”, and “Saxophone as Opiates”). I know I’ll end up buying the set (if only for the 3rd CD and the DVD), but I’m really pissed of by a pricey box set with so many flaws in it…


        February 21, 2014 at 20:50

    • Both versions of the early Pale Shelter are there. The 7″ version and the 12″ version. AND the Long version produced by Hughes/Cullum.


      October 4, 2014 at 09:02

  4. Have these flaws since been corrected??

    Bill Janowski

    September 30, 2014 at 12:02

    • Hello Bill,

      I was wrong on one major point: tracks 2.07 is indeed an extended version of the extended version of the very first single, hence its duration. That’s a GOOOOD news. Thank you Julian for correcting me.

      Sadly, the b-side version of “Ideas as Opiates” is nowhere to be seen because of a error, so 2.04 = 1.04…

      And the band didn’t want Saxophone as Opiates, so…

      I don’t think this will be fixed in any way, and I find it really upsetting when such sets have such flaws, but to be honest this is still a very good box set, and worth its price. I wish they would release the original version of Ideas as Opiates, at least as a downloadable item.


      November 29, 2014 at 15:47

  5. OK, thanks – so I guess this is (pretty much) the best we can hope for?? Might want to get the set down the line, but not right away.

    Bill Janowski

    November 29, 2014 at 23:52

  6. Just checked the prices – for that amount it BETTER be the best possible version, also Songs From The Big Chair Deluxe looks good. They only offer free shipping to the U.K.

    Bill Janowski

    November 30, 2014 at 00:02

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