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Rhino Turns Chrysalis Acts Up Live and Loud! Deluxe Sets Coming From Ten Years After, Robin Trower, UFO

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Ten Years After - Recorded LiveJust a couple of months back, on July 1, Warner Music Group announced that it had completed the acquisition of the Parlophone Label Group from Universal Music Group. The transaction was set in motion as a result of the break-up of EMI, and with its completion, WMG now holds not only the Parlophone label itself but the Chrysalis/Ensign, EMI and Virgin Classics labels. We’ve seen projects already announced from the new Parlophone, including a Matt Monro rarities release due in the U.K. this September. We can now reveal that numerous Chrysalis titles are also in the pipeline, including Steven Wilson’s remix and reissue of Jethro Tull’s 1970 Benefit, and three more exciting seventies rock reissues from Ten Years After, Robin Trower and UFO.

Ten Years After soared to stardom in America following its smoking performance at Woodstock in August 1969. Over the next five years, the British blues-rockers charted eight Top 40 albums in their native England and earned a sizeable following stateside, as well. Alvin Lee, Chick Churchill, Leo Lyons and Rick Lee released the double-LP Recorded Live in 1973. Captured in European locales including Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris with the Rolling Stones’ mobile truck, Recorded Live preserves Ten Years After at its peak. Originally issued on Chrysalis in the U.K. and on Columbia in the U.S., the classic set is being expanded by Rhino with a full seven previously unissued performances including stabs at Lightnin’ Hopkins “I Woke Up This Morning” and Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen.” The remastered and expanded Recorded Live arrives on October 7 in the United Kingdom and one day later in the United States.

After the jump, you’ll find the scoop on more previously unissued live goodies coming from Robin Trower and UFO! Plus: complete track listings and pre-order links!

Robin Trower - State to StateOn September 23 (U.K.) and October 1 (U.S.), Chrysalis celebrates guitar god Robin Trower with the 2-CD anthology State to State: Live Across America 1974-1980, packed with 24 previously unissued live performances. As a member of Procol Harum, Trower rose to prominence in the fertile environment of Swingin’ London circa the mid-1960s, appearing on such well-regarded LPs as 1967′s Procol Harum, 1968′s Shine on Brightly, 1969′s A Salty Dog, 1970′s Home and 1971′s Broken Barricades. Soon, solo stardom beckoned as it often does, and Trower set out on his own with 1973′s Twice Removed from Yesterday. It was a mere prelude, though, for 1974′s Bridge of Sighs. A Top Ten LP in America, it saw Trower favorably compared to Jimi Hendrix, and earned him a place in the all-time guitar rock pantheon. Trower’s first live album (appropriately entitled Robin Trower Live) was recorded in Sweden in 1975 during that first blast of fame on a tour supporting Bridge’s follow-up, For Earth Below. The new State to State, consisting entirely of never-before-released material, promises to be an important addition to his catalogue, drawn from American concerts recorded in Philadelphia and California (1974), Illinois (1976), Oklahoma (1977) and Missouri (1980).

UFO - Hot N LiveLastly, Hot ‘N’ Live: The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-1983 arrives for UFO, with eight unreleased tracks out of a total of 30. It covers a period of great success and equally great transition for the hard rockers. The heavy group – stylistically aligned to both space rock and metal – formed in 1969, but reached a commercial zenith with 1977’s Lights Out for Chrysalis following the addition of Savoy Brown’s keyboardist/ guitarist Paul Raymond to the band. But UFO’s roster remained fluid. In 1978, guitarist Michael Schenker – formerly of Scorpions and a 1973 addition to the line-up – departed the band’s ranks, to be replaced by Paul “Tonka” Chapman, UFO’s guitarist from 1974 to 1975. (Got that?) And the changes didn’t end there. Raymond exited UFO following the tour for 1980’s George Martin-produced No Place to Run, and bassist Pete Way left in 1982, before the band split up (though not for good!) in 1983. Still, the 1974-1983 period covered on this new collection brought great successes – not just with Lights Out, but with other memorable albums including No Place to Run and 1982’s Mechanix, UFO’s highest-charting U.K. LP ever (No. 8). Hot ‘N’ Live should prove a fine companion to the two past anthologies of the band’s Chrysalis years. It’s due on September 24 in the United States and October 7 in the United Kingdom.

You can peruse all of the track listings, and pre-order all titles just below!

Ten Years After, Recorded Live: Expanded Edition (originally released as Chrysalis CTY 1049 (U.K.), 1973 – reissued Chrysalis/Rhino, 2013) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K.)

Disc 1

  1. One of These Days
  2. You Give Me Loving
  3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  4. Hobbit
  5. Help Me
  6. Time Is Flying *
  7. Standing At the Station *
  8. Jam *

Disc 2

  1. Classical Thing
  2. Scat Thing
  3. I Can’t Keep from Crying Sometimes
  4. Silly Thing
  5. Slow Blues in C
  6. I’m Going Home
  7. Choo Choo Mama
  8. Help Me Babe *
  9. I Woke Up This Morning *
  10. Sweet Little Sixteen *
  11. Jam *

* previously unreleased

Robin Trower, State to State: Live Across America 1974-1980 (Chrysalis/Rhino, 2013) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K.)

Disc 1

  1. Twice Removed from Yesterday (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  2. Bridge of Sighs (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  3. Lady Love (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  4. Daydream (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  5. Too Rolling Stoned (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  6. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  7. Day of the Eagle (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  8. A Little Bit of Sympathy (Live in Philadelphia, 1974)
  9. Alethea (Live in California, 1974)
  10. Rock Me Baby (Live in California, 1974)

Disc 2

  1. Day Dream (Live in Illinois, 1976)
  2. Same Rain Falls (Live in Illinois, 1976)
  3. Sailing (Live in Illinois, 1976)
  4. Long Misty Days (Live in Illinois, 1976)
  5. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Live in Illinois, 1976)
  6. Too Rolling Stoned (Live in Illinois, 1976)
  7. Somebody Calling (Live in Oklahoma, 1977)
  8. Bluebird (Live in Oklahoma, 1977)
  9. Messin’ with the Blues (Live in Oklahoma, 1977)
  10. The Ring (Live in Missouri, 1980)
  11. Jack and Jill (Live in Missouri, 1980)
  12. The Shout/Hannah (Live in Missouri, 1980)
  13. Victims of the Fury (Live in Missouri, 1980)
  14. Mad House (Live in Missouri, 1980)

All selections previously unreleased.

UFO, Hot ‘N’ LIve: The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-1983 (Chrysalis/Rhino, 2013) (Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K.)

Disc 1

  1. Oh My
  2. Give Her the Gun
  3. Prince Kujuku
  4. Space Child
  5. Mother Mary
  6. Can You Roll Her
  7. Highway Lady
  8. I’m a Loser
  9. Let It Roll
  10. Lights Out
  11. On with the Action
  12. Doctor Doctor
  13. Ain’t No Baby
  14. Rock Bottom
  15. Pack It Up (and Go)

Disc 2

  1. Chains Chains *
  2. Lettin’ Go
  3. Long Gone *
  4. Cherry *
  5. Only You Can Rock Me *
  6. No Place to Run *
  7. Love to Love *
  8. Makin’ Moves
  9. Too Hot to Handle *
  10. Hot ‘N’ Ready *
  11. Mystery Train
  12. Lonely Heart
  13. We Belong to the Night
  14. When It’s Time to Rock
  15. Blinded by a Lie

* previously unreleased

Written by Joe Marchese

September 6, 2013 at 11:35

8 Responses

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  1. Are these going to be available in the U.S. as well??

    Bill Janowski

    September 6, 2013 at 12:57

    • Both links on each title are for the same Import version.

      Bill Janowski

      September 6, 2013 at 13:00

      • Thanks, Bill. I’ve just reviewed all three links; The Robin Trower link has been corrected, but the other two should have already been taking you to the U.S. releases. All three titles at the Amazon U.S. links above are retailing for $15-16 apiece. (The UFO still reads “Import,” but the price is $15.99, so it’s likely an Amazon error, or another U.S. link will be added later.)

        Joe Marchese

        September 6, 2013 at 13:12

    • Yes i usually go directly to Amazon in the UK and their US counterpart and CD Universe.

      peter chrisp

      September 9, 2013 at 16:07

  2. So, contrary to what had been reported initially, despite Universal’s purchase of “EMI”, that after Universal’s mandatory label sell-offs, that ultimately Warner Music gets the EMI name and logo. Too bad, that after obtaining such an incredible archive of music, that Warner Music won’t reverse its decision to shut down its mail-order archival label “Rhino Handmade”.
    Apparently, all that Universal got for their money is the Capitol label.

    Philip Cohen

    September 6, 2013 at 13:09

  3. Supposedly this deal IS worldwide (though all articles I’ve seen don’t agree) – my estimates are for the Recorded Music Division – Universal got 70%, Warner got 25% and Sony got 5%. As for the EMI Music Publishing Division, Sony got ALL of that.

    And no, Universal got a LOT more than that – a giood number of subsidiary labels, including a few Parlophone artists worldwide – Keith Urban, Norah Jones, Lady Antebellum and The Beatles. Not sure about the solo Beatles except for McCartney, who wasn’t a part of this deal – he had already moved his catalog to Universal

    Bill Janowski

    September 6, 2013 at 13:16

    • McCartney OWNS his catalogue via MPL(McCartney Productions Ltd.)

      Philip Cohen

      September 6, 2013 at 20:52

  4. Thanks Joe – they appear to be correct now, except for the UFO (Amazon’s mistake??), as you previously mentioned.

    Bill Janowski

    September 6, 2013 at 13:23

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