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Funky Town Grooves Stirs Up Chocolate Milk Reissues

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Chocolate MilkThe rich New Orleans soul of Chocolate Milk will be revisited by Funkytowngrooves in the fall.

First gaining prominence as a backing band for Allen Toussaint in the 1970s, Chocolate Milk would release eight albums for RCA in the ’70s (all of which were produced or co-produced by Toussaint) and ’80s. They’re now perhaps best known for the title cut to debut LP Action Speaks Louder Than Words (1975), which featured a breakbeat popular in hip-hop, namely Eric B. & Rakim’s “Move the Crowd” in 1988.

FTG will reissue the band’s self-titled album and Comin’, both released in 1976, as well as 1981’s Blue Jeans. All feature single edits and/or extended mixes, although Chocolate Milk may be the most confusing, including three single edits for songs that have nothing to do with the album in question. (The albums those songs do come from, We’re All in This Together (1977) and Milky Way (1979), were released as a two-fer – notably, with no bonus tracks – by the label in 2010 and repressed last month.) Blue Jeans features seven bonus tracks, three of which date ahead to the band’s final album, Friction (1982).

These three albums are due November 15; as such, no Amazon links are live, but they can be pre-ordered from the label. And, as always, full track lists are after the jump.

Chocolate Milk: Expanded Edition (released as RCA Victor APL1-1399, 1976 – reissued Funkytowngrooves FTG-350, 2013)

  1. Never Ever Do Without You
  2. How About Love
  3. Spread a Little Love
  4. You’ve Got Your Spell on Me
  5. Let the Music Take Your Mind
  6. Crazy About You
  7. Party Happy
  8. Running Away
  9. Pluck It
  10. Grand Theft (7″ Version) (single A-side – RCA PB-11128, 1977)
  11. Girl Calling (7″ Version) (single A-side – RCA PB-11222, 1977)
  12. Say Won’tcha (7″ Version) (single A-side – RCA PB-11547, 1979)

Comin’: Expanded Edition (released as RCA Victor APL1-1830, 1976 – reissued Funkytowngrooves FTG-351, 2013)

  1. Comin’
  2. Something New
  3. Do Unto Others
  4. Feel the Need in Me
  5. With All Our Love
  6. Starbright
  7. I Refuse
  8. Island Love
  9. Something New (7″ Version) (single A-side – RCA PB-10873, 1977)
  10. Comin’ (7″ Version) (single A-side – RCA PB-10758, 1976)
  11. Starbright (7″ Version) (single B-side – RCA PB-10758, 1976)

Blue Jeans: Expanded Edition (released as RCA Victor AFL1-3896, 1981 – reissued Funkytowngrooves FTG-352, 2013)

  1. Blue Jeans
  2. Like My Lady’s Love
  3. Running on Empty
  4. Honey Bun
  5. Let’s Go All the Way
  6. I’ve Been Loving You
  7. Video Queen
  8. Blue Jeans (7″ Version) (single A-side – RCA PB-12335, 1981)
  9. Let’s Go All the Way (12″ Version) (12″ A-side – RCA PD-13027, 1981)
  10. Video Queen (12″ Version) (12″ A-side – RCA PD-13212, 1981)
  11. Like My Lady’s Love (7″ Version) (B-side to “Video Queen” – RCA PB-13211, 1981)
  12. Honey Bun (7″ Version) (single B-side – RCA PB-13364, 1982)
  13. Take It Off (7″ Version) (single A-side – RCA PB-13364, 1982)
  14. Who’s Getting It Now (12″ Version) (12″ A-side – RCA PD-13448, 1982)

Written by Mike Duquette

September 10, 2013 at 15:06

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