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Slaves to the Rhythm: ZTT Celebrates 30 Years with New Two-Disc Compilation (UPDATED 9/17)

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ZTT Organization of PopTo mark their three wild, wonderful decades on the bleeding edge of U.K. pop and rock, ZTT Records will release a new two-disc compilation in October.

The Organization of Pop: Music from the First Thirty Years of ZTT Records collects 28 tracks that run the gamut of ZTT’s influence, from Frankie Goes to Hollywood to Propaganda, 808 State to The Buggles, Grace Jones to Seal, The Art of Noise to The Frames. The huge hits – Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose,” Frankie’s “Relax,” The Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love” – come together on the first disc, while some of the lesser known cuts and buried treasures (The Buggles’ “We Can Fly from Here,” later covered by Yes in 2011, and The Frames’ “Say It to Me Now,” later re-recorded by band frontman Glen Hansard for the soundtrack to the acclaimed Once, in which he starred in 2007) appear on the second. That disc also includes three unreleased tracks by Nasty Rox, Inc., Das Psycho Rangers and The Art of Noise with guest raps by acclaimed MC Rakim.

The Organization of Pop, for now, is actually exclusive to the U.S., making it one of the first ZTT titles released in the States under their new licensing deal with Razor & Tie. A “London version,” entitled (what else?) The Organisation of Pop, has been promised by the label in 2014, along with another volume of The Art of the 12″ and a CD/DVD edition of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood compilation Frankie Said.

Expect The Organization of Pop in stores October 15. The Amazon U.S. link and track list (courtesy of Slicing Up Eyeballs) are after the jump.

The Organization of Pop: Music from the First Thirty Years of ZTT Records (ZTT/Razor & Tie (U.S.), 2013)

Disc 1: The Organization of Pop (The Action Series, from ZTT)

  1. Slave to the Rhythm – Grace Jones
  2. Kiss from a Rose – Seal
  3. Relax (New York Mix) – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  4. Pacific (Justin Strauss 0101 Mix)- 808 State
  5. Beat Box – Art of Noise
  6. Dr. Mabuse (Abuse) – Propaganda
  7. If Only I Knew (Cold Stop Version) – Tom Jones
  8. Dance Yourself to Death (Dust Brothers Radio Edit) – MC Tunes vs 808 State
  9. Sorry for Laughing (Unapologetic 12″ Mix) – Propaganda
  10. Cubik (Pan American Excursion) – 808 State
  11. Two Tribes – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  12. Haunted – Shane MacGowan and Sinead O’Connor
  13. Star Star – The Frames
  14. Moments in Love (Beaten) – Art of Noise

Disc 2: The Disorganization of Pop (The Incidental Series, from Zang Tuum Tumb)

  1. We Can Fly from Here (Part 1) – The Buggles
  2. Say It to Me Now – The Frames
  3. You’re the One – Shane MacGowan and Maire Brennan
  4. Seven Day Mile – The Frames
  5. Sweet Baby James – Lee Griffiths
  6. Homage to the Blessed – Das Psycho Rangers *
  7. Metaforce – Art of Noise featuring Rakim *
  8. Escape from New York (12″ Mix) – Nasty Rox Inc. *
  9. Snobbery & Decay (That’s Entertainment Mix) – ACT
  10. I Am a Camera (12” Mix) – The Buggles
  11. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Fruitness Mix) – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  12. The Moment – Lisa Stansfield
  13. We Can Fly from Here (Part 2) – The Buggles
  14. Kink Konk Adagio – Andrew Poppy

Written by Mike Duquette

September 17, 2013 at 12:30

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