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Edsel is Still Mad About Belinda Carlisle with New Anthologies

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Belinda Anthology frontAfter a series of great expanded CD/DVD reissues, Edsel will release not one but two career-spanning anthologies dedicated to former Go-Go’s frontwoman/pop icon Belinda Carlisle.

The Anthology collects three CDs and two DVDs worth of hits and rare content from the singer, whose late ’80s run of singles included such impressive pop gems as “Mad About You,” “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” “I Get Weak,” “Circle in the Sand” and “Leave a Light On.” While Carlisle has been relatively quiet since 2007’s all-French standards album Voila, recent years have seen her gradual return to pop music: her entry in the normally ineffective ICON series by UMe featured “Sun,” her first pop single in quite some time. Another new song, “Goodbye Just Go,” makes its debut on The Anthology.

The first two discs on the set are devoted to nearly all of Belinda’s singles from her I.R.S., Virgin and Chrysalis years (the first time Edsel has expanded its look at Belinda beyond the core albums on Virgin). A third CD features five non-LP rarities from soundtracks and compilations and a live set from Tokyo in 2013. (Edsel has already apologized in advance for the absence of long-unreleased fan favorite “In My Wildest Dreams” from the 1987 film Mannequin; “our researches in tape libraries around the globe (and with staff who worked at IRS at the time) have not so far managed to turn up a master for the track,” the label unfortunately noted.) In addition to the audio offerings, two DVDs will feature Belinda’s promo videography and live performances on various U.K. television programs, respectively.

Belinda Anthology full

For those looking for a more general overview, Edsel will also release The Collection, a hits-centric CD/DVD compilation. Both sets will be available March 17 in the U.K.; Amazon U.K. links and track lists are after the jump!

The Anthology (Edsel (U.K.), 2014)

Discs 1-2: The Singles

  1. (We Want) The Same Thing (Single Remix)
  2. Heaven is a Place on Earth
  3. Live Your Life Be Free
  4. Leave a Light On
  5. I Get Weak
  6. I Plead Insanity
  7. Big Scary Animal
  8. Mad About You
  9. Always Breaking My Heart
  10. Sun
  11. I Still Love Him
  12. Little Black Book
  13. Band of Gold
  14. World Without You
  15. Vision of You (‘91 Mix)
  16. Half the World
  1. Circle in the Sand
  2. In Too Deep
  3. Summer Rain
  4. Runaway Horses
  5. Do You Feel Like I Feel
  6. All God’s Children
  7. I Feel the Magic
  8. I Feel Free
  9. Valentine
  10. A Prayer for Everyone
  11. California
  12. Lay Down Your Arms
  13. La Luna
  14. Love in the Key of C
  15. Love Never Dies
  16. Goodbye Just Go

Disc 1, Tracks 1, 4 and 15 and Disc 2, Tracks 3-4, 9 and 13 from Runaway Horses (Virgin/MCA, 1989)
Disc 1, Tracks 2, 5 and 14 and Disc 2, Tracks 1, 8 and 15 from Heaven on Earth (Virgin/MCA, 1987)
Disc 1, Tracks 3, 6, 12 and 16 and Disc 2, Track 5 from Live Your Life Be Free (Virgin/MCA, 1991)
Disc 1, Track 7 and Disc 2, Track 12 from Real (Virgin/MCA, 1993)
Disc 1, Track 9 and Disc 2, Tracks 2, 11 and 14 from A Woman and a Man (Chrysalis, 1996)
Disc 1, Tracks 8 and 13 and Disc 2, Track 7 from Belinda (I.R.S., 1986)
Disc 1, Track 10 from ICON (Geffen/UMe, 2013)
Disc 1, Track 11 from bonus disc of Voila (Rykodisc, 2007)
Disc 2, Tracks 6 and 10 from A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits (Virgin, 1999)
Disc 2, Track 16 is a new track exclusive to this compilation

Disc 3: Rarities (previously unreleased except where noted)

  1. Dancing in the City (from Burglar: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – MCA, 1987)
  2. Bless the Beasts and Children (from Tame Yourself – R.N.A. Rhino New Artists, 1991)
  3. Christmas Lullaby (from Mother & Child: A Celebration of Christmas Motherhood – Gai Saber, 1995)
  4. I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) (recorded for Walt Disney’s Hercules, 1997 – released as promotional single)
  5. Submission – Belinda Carlisle & Radiator (from Come Again – EMI, 1997)
  6. Runaway Horses (Live in Tokyo)
  7. I Get Weak (Live in Tokyo)
  8. In Too Deep (Live in Tokyo)
  9. California (Live in Tokyo)
  10. Circle in the Sand (Live in Tokyo)
  11. Vision of You (Live in Tokyo)
  12. La Luna (Live in Tokyo)
  13. Summer Rain (Live in Tokyo)
  14. Vacation (Live in Tokyo)
  15. Our Lips Are Sealed (Live in Tokyo)
  16. Leave a Light On (Live in Tokyo)
  17. Heaven is a Place on Earth (Live in Tokyo)
  18. Emotional Highway (Live in Tokyo)
  19. We Got the Beat (Live in Tokyo)

Discs 4: Promo videos DVD

  1. Mad About You
  2. I Feel the Magic
  3. Heaven is a Place on Earth
  4. I Get Weak
  5. Circle in the Sand
  6. World Without You
  7. I Feel Free
  8. Love Never Dies
  9. Leave a Light On
  10. La Luna
  11. Runaway Horses
  12. Vision of You
  13. (We Want) The Same Thing
  14. Summer Rain
  15. Live Your Life Be Free
  16. Do You Feel Like I Feel
  17. Half the World
  18. I Plead Insanity
  19. Little Black Book
  20. Big Scary Animal (U.K. Version)
  21. Big Scary Animal (U.S. Version)
  22. Lay Down Your Arms
  23. In Too Deep
  24. Always Breaking My Heart
  25. California
  26. Love in the Key of C
  27. All God’s Children
  28. Sun

Disc 5: DVD – BC on BBC and bonus material

  1. Heaven is a Place on Earth (Top of the Pops)
  2. I Get Weak (Wogan)
  3. Leave a Light On (Top of the Pops)
  4. Runaway Horses (Wogan)
  5. Interview with Philip Schofield (Going Live)
  6. (We Want) The Same Thing (Top of the Pops)
  7. Live Your Life Be Free (Top of the Pops)
  8. Do You Feel Like I Feel (Top of the Pops)
  9. Interview with Caron Keating (Summer Scene)
  10. Big Scary Animal (Top of the Pops)
  11. Lay Down Your Arms (Live & Kicking)
  12. Interview with John Barrowman (Live & Kicking)
  13. California (National Lottery)
  14. A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits (EPK)
  15. The Best of Belinda (TV ad)
  16. A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits (TV ad)
  17. Live Your Life Be Free (TV ad)

The Collection (Edsel (U.K.), 2014)

Disc 1: CD

  1. (We Want) The Same Thing (Single Remix)
  2. Heaven is a Place on Earth
  3. Live Your Life Be Free
  4. Leave a Light On
  5. I Get Weak
  6. I Plead Insanity
  7. Runaway Horses
  8. Half the World
  9. Sun
  10. Little Black Book
  11. Circle in the Sand
  12. In Too Deep
  13. Do You Feel Like I Feel?
  14. World Without You
  15. La Luna
  16. Vision of You (‘91 Mix)
  17. Goodbye Just Go

Disc 2: DVD (track list identical to CD minus “Goodbye Just Go”)

Written by Mike Duquette

February 14, 2014 at 14:34

4 Responses

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  1. Soooooooo Excited, Can’t Wait for this Incredible Anthology!!!!!!


    February 16, 2014 at 09:25

  2. Cool set. I wonder if anyone checked with 20th Century Fox for “In My Wildest Dreams” since they distributed the Mannequin film from which the song features.


    February 18, 2014 at 15:49

  3. Yes, it’s a shame that “In Your Wildest Dreams” couldn’t be located. But what a collection this is for an iconic voice of the Eighties that continues to thrill her audience. I saw the Go-Go’s perform live a few years back, and this girl can still thrill a live crowd, too. Great CD/DVD studio/live combination worth getting!

    Charles Klaus

    February 19, 2014 at 23:08

  4. As ‘Jealous Guy’ & ‘Ballad of Lucy Jordan’ weren’t on the UK version of A Woman & A Man it would’ve been nice to have them on the 3rd cd, I’m sure there must be enough rare tracks to have filled disc 3 without all the ‘live’ stuff. Pity really because the rest of the package is great!


    June 10, 2014 at 16:19

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