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“Weird Scenes Inside” Rhino’s Record Store Day Slate

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Doors - Weird ScenesWith April 19’s Record Store Day a little more than a week away, it might be time to start making those checklists! We’ve already filled you in on exciting releases from Legacy Recordings, Real Gone Music, SundazedOmnivore Recordings, Varese Sarabande and many others, but today it’s all about Rhino! The Warner Music Group catalogue arm has a bumper crop of more than 25 exclusive offerings from some of the biggest names classic rock, vintage R&B and beyond – including The Doors, Grateful Dead, Ramones, Randy Newman, and, as previously reported, R.E.M.! And that’s not all.

A number of new titles are at the heart of Rhino’s RSD campaign. The Dead premieres Live at Hampton Coliseum for the first time on double vinyl, preserving the band’s Virginia concert of May 4, 1979. Another live set getting a first-ever vinyl issue is Donny Hathaway’s Live at the Bitter End 1971, first issued last year on the Never My Love: The Anthology box set. The Pogues with Joe Strummer Live in London 1991, was like the Donny Hathaway release, first issued on CD in a recent box set (last year’s 30 Years complete albums box) and makes its first appearance in the LP format. It dates back to the period when the Clash frontman filled in for Shane MacGowan in the Pogues line-up. Rhino’s new releases are rounded out by a collection of new-to-vinyl outtakes from country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons, a new Greatest Hits from rapper and longtime Law and Order: SVU star Ice-T, and of course, R.E.M.’s eagerly awaited Unplugged 1991/2001: The Complete Sessions.

Randy Newman - Randy NewmanRhino continues its Side by Side series of 45s featuring two versions of the same song with pairings of Devo and The Flaming Lips (“Gates of Steel”), Dinosaur Jr. and The Cure (“Just Like Heaven”), Pantera and Poison Idea (“The Badge”) and two Mystery Artists– and Mystery Song, natch.  The label is also bringing a number of classic LPs back into print. These rare treats include The Birthday Party from Jeff Lynne’s pre-ELO psych-rock band The Idle Race, Randy Newman’s stunningly original debut solo LP – on which he created something new under the sun! – in its original mono version, Otis Redding’s mono Pain in My Heart, and classics from The Everly Brothers, The Velvet Underground, Hüsker Dü and many others.

Last but not least, Rhino has an array of compilations and singles on tap. Perhaps the most unexpected title is The Doors’ Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine, the band’s first compilation following the untimely death of Jim Morrison. First released in 1972, Gold Mine will also get a first-time CD reissue in May. A rare Ramones EP (1980’s Meltdown with the Ramones) and the first-ever U.S. release of Fleetwood Mac’s 1970 single “Dragonfly” b/w “Purple Dancer” join titles from Joy Division, The Specials, The Stranglers and even a reissue of Elektra’s 1964 multi-LP box set The Folk Box. The latter even comes with a bonus single featuring Judy Collins and Tom Paxton!

We wouldn’t leave you hanging with all of this tantalizing information; just hit the jump for the full specs (including limited edition numbers, vinyl details, etc.) as helpfully provided by our very own Mike D. for every title mentioned above and more! Look for Rhino’s releases at your finest local independent record retailer on Saturday, April 19.

New Titles

Grateful Dead - Hampton Coliseum

The Grateful Dead, Live At Hampton Coliseum: from the band’s first-ever performance at the Virginia venue on May 4, 1979. Released on double-vinyl for the first time anywhere. 2LP 180-gram, 7,900 copies (numbered)

LP 1

  1. Loser
  2. New Minglewood Blues
  3. Don’t Ease Me In
  4. Passenger
  5. I Need a Miracle
  6. Bertha
  7. Good Lovin’
  8. Ship of Fools

LP 2

  1. Estimated Prophet
  2. Eyes of the World
  3. Truckin’
  4. Stella Blue
  5. Around and Around

Donny Hathaway - Live 1971 LP

Donny Hathaway, Live At The Bitter End 1971: released on the amazing Never My Love: The Anthology box set last year, this live set features Donny Hathaway in rare live form. 2LP 180-gram vinyl, 4,000 copies (numbered)

  1. What’s Going On
  2. Sack Full of Dreams
  3. Little Ghetto Boy
  4. You’ve Got a Friend
  5. Voices Inside (Everything is Everything)
  6. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
  7. Jealous Guy
  8. I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
  9. Hey Girl
  10. The Ghetto

Ice-T GH

Ice-T, Greatest Hits: what appears to be a new compilation of classic tracks from the influential rapper/actor. ,4500 copies

  1. 6 ‘N the Mornin’
  2. Make It Funky
  3. I’m Your Pusher
  4. Power
  5. The Girl Tried to Kill Me
  6. You Played Yourself
  7. O.G Original Gangster
  8. Body Count
  9. Colors
  10. Ricochet

Gram Parsons - 180-Gram

Gram Parsons, 180 Gram: Alternate Takes from GP and Grievous Angel: released as part of The Complete Reprise Sessions in 2005, this collection of rare outtakes also comes with an insert for the Hickory Wind Ranch, a sober living/extended care facility in Austin, TX, run by the late singer’s daughter Polly. 2LP 180-gram, 3,000 copies (numbered – 2,000 non-numbered copies ex-U.S.)

LP 1

  1. She (Alternative Version)
  2. That’s All It Took (Alternative Version)
  3. Still Feeling Blue (Alternative Version)
  4. Kiss the Children (Alternative Version)
  5. Streets of Baltimore (Alternative Version)
  6. We’ll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning (Alternative Version)
  7. The New Soft Shoe (Alternative Version)
  8. Return of the Grievous Angel #1 (Alternative Version)
  9. In My Hour of Darkness (Alternative Version)
  10. Ooh Las Vegas (Alternative Version)

LP 2

  1. I Can’t Dance (Alternative Version)
  2. Sleepless Nights (Alternative Version)
  3. Love Hurts (Alternative Version)
  4. Brass Buttons (Alternative Version)
  5. Hickory Wind (Alternative Version)
  6. Brand New Heartache
  7. Sleepless Nights
  8. The Angels Rejoiced Last Night

Pogues and Strummer Live

The Pogues, The Pogues with Joe Strummer Live in London 1991: released in last year’s 30 Years complete albums box, this show dates from the period where lead singer Shane Macgowan was sacked from the band and the former frontman for The Clash briefly took his place. Naturally, Pogues and Clash songs feature herein. 2LP red vinyl, 7,000 copies

  1. If I Should Fall from Grace with God
  2. Summer in Siam
  3. Sayonara
  4. Young Ned of the Hill
  5. Rain Street
  6. Repeal of the Licensing Laws
  7. Tombstone
  8. Turkish Song of the Damned *
  9. Gartloney Rats
  10. London Calling *
  11. Thousands Are Sailing
  12. Sunny Side of the Street
  13. Straight to Hell
  14. Medley: The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road to Dublin/The Galway Races
  15. Dirty Old Town
  16. The Sickbed of Cuchulainn
  17. The Star of the County Down
  18. I Fought the Law *
  19. Hell’s Ditch
  20. Brand New Cadillac
  21. Fiesta
  22. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

* released on Just Look Them Straight in the Eye and Say…Pogue Mahone!! The Pogues Box Set (Rhino 5144 28135-2 (U.K.), 2008)



REM Unplugged RSD

R.E.M., Unplugged 1991/2001: The Complete Sessions: as previously reported, the premiere release of R.E.M.’s complete MTV Unplugged performances, a decade apart. 4LP clear vinyl, 2,500 copies.

Cure and Dinosaur Jr - Side By Side

Side by Side Series: Rhino’s classic single series putting two versions of the same song from two artists on the label roster – often new covers or rare versions – continues with four new selections:

  • Devo/The Flaming Lips – Gates of Steel (Live): silver 7″ vinyl, 9,300 copies
  • Dinosaur Jr./The Cure – Just Like Heaven: white 7″ vinyl, 6,800 copies
  • Mystery Artist: “highlighter yellow opaque with translucent orange center, 9,300 copies
  • Pantera/Poison Idea – The Badge: purple marble/bronze swirl 7″ vinyl, 6,800 copies


Everly Brothers - Roots


  • Blue Rodeo, Diamond Mine: a 25th anniversary reissue of the Canadian country-rock outfit’s sophomore album. 2LP red and blue vinyl, 1,000 copies
  • The Dresden Dolls, The Dresden Dolls: the duo’s first album introduced the world to the phrase “Brechtian punk cabaret” and the larger-than-life persona of Amanda Palmer. (Make of that what you will.) 2LP 180-gram red/black swirl vinyl, 3,000 copies (numbered – 500 non-numbered copies ex-U.S.)
  • The Everly Brothers, Roots: an underrated country-rock endeavor by the unforgettable duo, first issued in 1968. 5,000 copies
  • Hüsker Dü, Candy Apple Grey: the alt-rock legends’ fifth album from 1986, their first for Warner Bros., is reissued. Grey vinyl, 4,000 copies
  • Idle Race, The Birthday Party: led by a young singer/songwriter/guitarist named Jeff Lynne, this psych-pop band’s first album returns to wax. “Psychedelic” vinyl, 4,000 copies
  • July, July: a lost classic of psychedelic pop, this was the only album by London band July, whose frontman, Tom Newman, would later found Oxford’s Manor Studio for Virgin Records, where Newman would produce classics like Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells.” “Psychedelic” vinyl, 4,500 copies
  • Randy Newman, Randy Newman (Mono): the brilliant singer-songwriter’s debut album, including “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today,” is reissued in mono. 3,000 copies (numbered – North America exclusive)
  • The Notorious B.I.G, Life After Death: released mere weeks after the rapper’s tragic murder at the age of 24, this sprawling double album yielded the hits “Hypnotize” and “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” 3LP clear vinyl, 6,300 copies (numbered)
  • Otis Redding, Pain in My Heart: Redding’s debut album in mono, featuring the title track and “These Arms of Mine.” 5,000 copies (numbered)
  • The Velvet Underground, Loaded: the VU’s 1970 album in mono; their final with the late Lou Reed. Features the iconic cuts “Rock and Roll” and “Sweet Jane.” Pink, black and white splatter vinyl, 3,000 copies (North America exclusive)
  • The Yardbirds, Little Games: the fourth album from the psych-rock combo, released in 1967; this release is cut from the 1992 stereo remix. “Psychedelic” vinyl, 8,000 copies

Ramones - Meltdown

Singles and Compilations

  • The Doors, Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine: the second Doors compilation (and first after the passing of Jim Morrison), released in 1972, is reissued on vinyl ahead of its impending CD debut in May. 2LP amber swirl vinyl, 5,500 copies (numbered)
  • Fleetwood Mac, Dragonfly/Purple Dancer: the first single released by the band without Peter Green as frontman in 1970, this also featured departing guitarist Jeremy Spencer and new pianist Christine McVie on its flipside. Singer/guitarist Danny Kirwan, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood complete this lineup. This is the first commercial release of the single in the U.S.! Purple 7″ vinyl, 5,400 copies
  • Joy Division, An Ideal for Living: remastered version of the legendary post-punk band’s debut EP, with a redesigned cover. 12″ 33 1/3 vinyl, 13500 copies
  • Ramones, Meltdown with The Ramones: a four-track promo EP only released outside the U.S. in 1980. 10″ 45RPM navy blue vinyl, 5000 copies (numbered – 2000 pink vinyl copies ex-U.S.)
  • The Specials, Sock It to ‘Em J.B./Rat Race: a 1980 non-LP dub single by the 2 Tone ska band. 7″ vinyl, 6,000 copies
  • The Stranglers, Peaches/Go Buddy Go: a 1977 single that courted extreme controversy in the band’s native England for sexually suggestive lyrics. (Banned by The BBC!) Green 7″ vinyl (with rare picture sleeve), 6,000 copies
  • Various Artists, The Folk Box: 50th Anniversary Edition – This 1964 box set, released by Elektra Records, spans four LPs of themed folk, with sides from “Songs of The Old World and Migration to The New” to “Broadside, Topical Songs and Protest Songs.” This new reissue features a bonus 7″ single with Judy Collins’ cover of Bob Dylan’s “I’ll Keep It with Mine” and Tom Paxton’s “The Last Thing on My Mind.” 2,000 copies (numbered)

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  1. The Doors, Gram Parsons & R.E.M for me!!

    Jim Regan (@Jbones72)

    April 10, 2014 at 14:15

  2. Thank you very much for this RSD reports, very informative. I live in the Netherlands and the official RDS site is terrible! REM, Ramones, Joy Division and the Side by Side singles for me. I love 7″ singles.


    April 11, 2014 at 05:15

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