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Kritzerland Premieres Dave Grusin’s Score to “Falling in Love”

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Falling in LoveFor its latest classic soundtrack, Kritzerland is returning to the music of renaissance man Dave Grusin.  The Academy Award-winning composer’s skillful and unfailingly melodic blend of jazz, pop and orchestral sounds has well served him for a Hollywood career that’s lasted for more than forty years.  One of the highlights of Grusin’s 1980s was his score to 1984’s Falling in Love, which is receiving its world premiere soundtrack from Kritzerland.

Director Ulu Grossbard’s bittersweet romantic drama starred Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro against a backdrop of contemporary New York City.  Grusin was not only a perfect choice to capture the modern, urbane setting but to deliver the requisite emotions in the film’s shifting moods.  As noted in Kritzerland’s press release, “At times funny, at times rueful, at times beautifully romantic, at times sad, and at times painful, Falling in Love hits all the right notes and weaves its spell quite effortlessly.  And part of what makes it effortless is the incandescent and beautiful score by Dave Grusin.  No one did this type of romantic film better than Dave Grusin.  He simply and effectively captures every mood of the film, with several stunningly gorgeous melodies that weave their way throughout the score, along with some classic upbeat Grusin tunes.”

Hit the jump for more, including a pre-order link and the full track listing!

A number of cues composed for Falling in Love never made it into the film, including the original main title theme.   It was replaced in the movie by “Mountain Dance,” a Grusin composition that had provided the title of his 1979 album on his own GRP label.  For this world premiere release, Kritzerland has reinstated Grusin’s complete original score including the main title.  The disc also boasts a selection of alternate takes at the conclusion of the main program.  Each track has been transferred directly from the original session masters housed in the Paramount vaults.

Falling in Love is limited to 1,000 units and CDs are promised to ship by the second week of December, but those who order directly from the label know that pre-orders typically arrive three to five weeks earlier on average.  You can pre-order Kritzerland’s Falling in Love at the link below!

While visiting Kritzerland, you also might want to check out the new album by vocalist Sandy Bainum.  Entitled It Might Be Fun, the album features the songs of producer and label honcho Bruce Kimmel – including the new “Two Roads,” co-written with Academy Award-winning Disney Legend Richard M. Sherman!  It Might Be Fun was recorded at Capitol’s famous Studio A with a 35-piece orchestra orchestrated and conducted by Lanny Meyers. What’s not to love?  You can check out the album, and hear a clip of “Two Roads,” right here.

Dave Grusin, Falling in Love: Music from the Motion Picture (Kritzerland, 2014).

  1. Main Title*
  2. Trying to Recall
  3. First Encounter
  4. Seat Taken?
  5. Looks/Lunch?
  6. M61*
  7. Catch the Train
  8. Chinatown*
  9. M71*
  10. M71A/Wait for Me*
  11. First Kiss
  12. Waiting
  13. Getting Dressed*
  14. The Apartment/I’m Sorry
  15. The Funeral
  16. No Molly
  17. Helpless
  18. Decision
  19. The Crossing
  20. Back to Rizzzoli’s*
  21. Almost Too Late
  22. Together at Last
  23. End Credits
  24. Trying to Recall (Alternate)
  25. Wait for Me (Alternate)
  26. Decision (Alternate)

(*) denotes track unused in original film

Written by Joe Marchese

November 5, 2014 at 11:20

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