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UPDATE: Marley Versions Aplenty

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The release of Live Forever, Bob Marley’s last concert on CD, yielded the first retail exclusives for a catalogue title in 2011 – a T-shirt for Target buyers and a bonus disc for Best Buy customers – and we have some more detail about the offerings at each store.

For reasons I can’t wrap my head around, Target is also offering a third version of the set – not only the double-disc edition with and without the T-shirt, but a pared-down single-disc version of the album. While the full version of Live Forever, spread across two discs, is in a digipak, this Target-exclusive “highlights” disc is in a jewel case, instead. It’s relatively cheap at $7.99 (this week’s sale price), but why would anyone want to avoid the extra $4 for the full concert – particularly when so many live archive sets get cut down?

The Best Buy bonus disc, meanwhile, collates five rarer studio tracks found on compilations and deluxe reissues along with an embedded video of an interview with the Marley family. These tracks had previously been released as an iTunes EP, but it’s always nice to get these tracks on disc. (Thanks to super-reader Don for the tip!)

The track lists for the amended Live Forever and the Best Buy-exclusive disc are after the jump.

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Written by Mike Duquette

February 2, 2011 at 10:19

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Release Round-Up: Week of February 1

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George Michael, Faith: Legacy Edition (Epic/Legacy)

There’s going to be a review of the two-disc/one-DVD edition of this album (also available as a deluxe box set) coming up later today, but let me say right now: Damn. If you forgot how good this record was – how it makes a lot of ’80s pop look temporarily flawed and full of effort – go buy this immediately. I’ll wait. (Official site)

Bob Marley and The Wailers, Live Forever: September 23, 1980 – The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA (Tuff Gong/UMe)

A two-disc set of Marley’s final concert, presented in full to honor the reggae immortal. Note that this is the first catalogue set of the year with some retail exclusives: Best Buy’s version comes with a bonus disc (exact content has not been confirmed), while Target’s exclusive is a T-shirt. Of course, hardcore fans can skip both and get the super-deluxe version of this set. (Official site)

Aretha Franklin, The Great American Songbook (Columbia/Legacy)

A single-disc teaser for March’s exhaustive box set covering her entire Columbia tenure, before the Queen joined Atlantic. (Amazon)

Kiki Dee, I’m Kiki Dee: The Fontana Years (RPM)

Before she promised Elton John not to go breakin’ any hearts, Kiki Dee was a soulful pop singer on Fontana Records; a good chunk of her work is collected herein. (RPM)

Rod Stewart, The Best of the Great American Songbook (J)

Zzzzzzzzzz…..oh! Sorry. A compilation of the five Great American Songbook albums Rod has released in the past decade. (Official site)

Written by Mike Duquette

February 1, 2011 at 08:48

Bob Marley to “Live Forever” on New Live Set

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Arguably, Bob Marley already is living forever, at least musically. His catalogue has been treated well through various reissues and compilations from Island Records since his death in 1981; the compilation Legend remains the highest-selling reggae album in history, with sales in excess of 14 million copies in the U.S. alone.

With the 30th anniversary of Marley’s passing imminent, Tuff Gong/UMe preps another treat from the vault: his last recorded concert, in support of the Uprising album. Live Forever is a double-disc set recorded at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1980. The release will cover the whole set list over two compact discs; there will also be a super deluxe edition packing those CDs along with three LPs of the concert.

The full track list is after the jump; Live Forever can be ordered here and here and will be in stores on February 1.

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Written by Mike Duquette

December 14, 2010 at 20:06

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