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Release Round-Up: Week of October 26

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And now, here it is: the catalogue titles coming to your local stores this week.

Various Artists including James Taylor, Billy Preston and Badfinger, The Apple Records remasters (Apple/EMI)

This year’s Beatles remasters are remasters of albums on The Beatles’ short-lived Apple label. There’s a lot of great, varied stuff to be hand across many genres. There’s 14 individual remasters plus a new compilation with some other hard-to-find tunes (Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records), not to mention an indie sampler (10 Green Apples) and a 17-disc box set compiling all those discs alongside two more CDs of extra tracks only otherwise available through digital providers (those digital bonus cuts – as of this writing, which was penned several hours before it was posted – seem to have not been made available through online retailers). (Official site)

Miles Davis, The Genius of Miles Davis (Columbia/Legacy)

Did you miss all the out-of-print Miles Davis session box sets? Do you have $750 to spare? Do you like box sets packed with extra swag inside a trumpet case? Then this is the best day of your life. The Genius of Miles Davis is 43 discs of the trumpet legend, packed in 21 pounds of material possession. (Sony Music Digital)

The Monkees, Head: Deluxe Edition (Rhino Handmade)

The Pre-Fab Four’s most bizarre project is extensively expanded to three discs of psychedelia, live cuts, outtakes, alternate mixes and vintage interviews with Davy Jones. If you’ve a Monkees fan in your inner circle, this is the holiday gift they’ll thank you for. (Rhino)

Crowded House, The Very Very Best Of Crowded House (EMI/Capitol)

A new best-of from the Aussie pop masters takes the best of their career save this year’s excellent Intriguer. A digital edition features an expanded track list and a live B-side. (Amazon, iTunes)

There’s more after the jump, of course.

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Don’t Dream the Compiling is Over

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EMI has announced an October 26 release date for the cheekily-titled The Very Very Best of Crowded House, the latest compilation from the Australian pop masters.

The 19-track compilation (14 of which appeared on the last EMI comp, Recurring Dream: The Very Best of Crowded House (1996)) features tracks from all of the band’s albums save this year’s Intriguer. Additionally, there will be an expanded digital-only version with a rare live cut, a cover of “Throw Your Arms Around Me” by fellow Aussie rockers Hunters & Collectors which was released as a B-side.

Read the press release here and check the track lists for both versions after the jump.

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Written by Mike Duquette

September 2, 2010 at 09:20

How Crowded is EMI’s House?

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A fun little tidbit from release date king Pause & Play, himself a diligent arts journalist who just recently got to interview the members of Crowded House (their new album, Intriguer, was released this week).

At the suggestion of some cheeky catalogue music blogger, P&P asked the members of the band if there were ever any plans to expand the band’s catalogue on CD. (The Crowded House discography is relatively free of B-sides, compared to some of their contemporaries, but demos and other outtakes would make for a great set, not unlike Afterglow, their 1999 rarities compilation.) Happily, bassist Nick Seymour had an answer:

“There’s been some talk of a box set, but nothing seems to have come of it. I know that Capitol Records were on to something, and I kept getting lots and lots of e-mails, and then I guess somebody (at Capitol) must’ve gotten the sack because I stopped hearing from these people,” he said, laughing. “Maybe it’s being handled by someone else now in the company. I guess with the nature of the ownership of that music and the state of the large corporations re-evaluating where they stand in the marketplace, it’s on hold. But I would say it’s definitely coming. If we’re prepared to go out there and promote what new stuff we’re doing now, there’s always room for something from one of the previous companies we’ve done music with.”

So there you have it. Perhaps one day in the future, a catalogue Crowded House set might be around to fall at your feet.

Written by Mike Duquette

July 15, 2010 at 15:55