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The Dark Knight Returns: La-La Land Reissues “Batman Forever” Score

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La-La Land Records continues their history with Gotham City’s Caped Crusader on CD today, with the release of the complete score to 1995’s Batman Forever.

The third Bat-film sees Batman – the vigilante alter-ego of millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer) – square off against not one but two villains: Harvey “Two-Face” Dent (Tommy Lee Jones), the former district attorney whose facial disfiguration leads to a dual personality, and Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey), a disgraced employee of Wayne Enterprises who invents a brain-wave-stealing device as the brain-teaser-obsessed Riddler. But Batman doesn’t go it alone this time, after taking in a young rebellious orphan (Chris O’Donnell) who becomes his iconic sidekick, Robin.

After two wildly successful films directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight, Burton moved to the producer’s chair, welcoming blockbuster director Joel Schumacher to the fold. This trip to Gotham was far different than previous visits onscreen, owing less to the gritty stories of both early and recent Batman comic books and more to the campy 1960s television show. The garish, neon color palette and loud costumes – best known and laughed over for a Bat-suit with nipples sculpted into the latex armor (reportedly an homage to Greek statues) – was a bold choice that did not sit well with all fans, but the film was a box office smash.

After two Bat-scores by Danny Elfman, Elliot Goldenthal, a student of Aaron Copland fresh off an Oscar nod for Interview with the Vampire and moody action scores for Alien³ and Demolition Man, was given the reins for the picture. His bold march theme was a high point of the film, and merited its own appearance on a score CD in 1995. (Like Burton’s 1989 Batman, in which Elfman’s score shared the picture with songs by Prince, Forever featured a host of pop songs, including hit singles “Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me” by U2 and Seal’s iconic “Kiss from a Rose.”)

LLL’s two-disc set, produced by Goldenthal himself and limited to 3,500 copies, features the original score as heard in the film alongside the original soundtrack presentation and two bonus tracks: a suite released as a B-side on U2’s CD single and an alternate take. Liner notes by renowned film score writer John Takis round out what is sure to be an excellent package for the Batman enthusiasts out there.

Hit the jump to order your copy and check out the track list.

Elliot Goldenthal, Batman Forever: Expanded Archival Collection (La-La Land Records LLLCD 1189, 2012 – original film released 1995)

Disc 1: Original score

  1. Main Title
  2. Batmobile/Introducing Two-Face
  3. Thug Fight
  4. Obligatory Car Chase
  5. Nygma’s Cubicle/Bat-Signal
  6. Capsule
  7. Rooftop Seduction/Roof Plunge
  8. Nygma After Hours/Brain Drain/You Are Terminated
  9. Suicide/First Riddle/Second Riddle Delivered
  10. Dream Doll
  11. Big Top Bomb
  12. Circus Opening/The Flying Graysons/Death Drop
  13. Flashback/Signal/Robin’s Lament
  14. Have a Safe Flight/Through the Eye
  15. Nygma’s Apartment/Two-Face’s Lair/Riddler’s Entrance/Schizoid Stomp/Brain Drain Expo/Heist Montage
  16. Laundry Room Stunt
  17. More Heists/Third Riddle/Nosy Robin
  18. Building Nygmatech/Family of Zombies
  19. Master Dick
  20. Memories Repressed/Love
  21. Alley Rumble++/Screen Kiss
  22. Batcave/Nygmatech Tango/Public Demo
  23. Nygma & Chase Dance
  24. Two-Face’s Entrance/Batman’s Entrance
  25. Gas Trap/Batman Phoenix
  26. Gratitude Problem
  27. Go to Chase
  28. Batcave Closeout/Dick Leaves Wayne Manor

Disc 2: Original score continued, bonus tracks and original score LP

  1. Happy Halloween/The Bat/Love Scene/Twick or Tweat/Seize and Capture
  2. Riddles Solved/Partners/Battleship
  3. Scuba Fight/Claw Island/Emperor of Madness
  4. Fun and Games
  5. Batterdammerung
  6. Two-Face’s Demise
  7. Bat Descent/Arkham Asylum
  8. Wet Screen Kiss/March On!
  9. Themes from “Batman Forever”
  10. More Heists (Alternate)
  11. Main Titles & Fanfare
  12. Perpetuum Mobile
  13. The Perils of Gotham
  14. Chase Noir
  15. Fledermausmarschmusik
  16. Nygma Variations (An Ode to Science)
  17. Victory
  18. Descent
  19. The Pull of Regret
  20. Mouth to Mouth Nocturne
  21. Gotham City Boogie
  22. Under the Top
  23. Mr. E’s Dance Card (Rhumba, Foxtrot, Waltz & Tango)
  24. Two-Face Three Step
  25. Chase Blanc
  26. Spank Me! Overture
  27. Holy Rusted Metal
  28. Batterdammerung

All tracks on Disc 1 previously unreleased except for “Alley Rumble,” which was released as “Wreckage and Rape” on Alien³: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (MCA Records 10269, 1992).
Disc 2, Tracks 1-4, 6-8 and 10 previously unreleased. Disc 2, Tracks 5 and 28 are identical.
Disc 2, Track 9 was the B-side to Atlantic/Island CD single 85567, 1995.
Disc 2, Tracks 11-28 released as Atlantic CD 82776, 1995.

Written by Mike Duquette

January 3, 2012 at 17:22