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Beggars Archive Preps New Remasters, Expanded Reissues for “5 Albums” Series

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Gene Loves JezebelThis week, 4AD/Beggars Archive is giving goth-rock fans a trio of Christmas presents, in the form of box sets in their 5 Albums series devoted to Bauhaus, Gene Loves Jezebel and Lords of the Nephilim.

Beggars Archive, like so many other labels this year, has found the best way to get certain products on stores (or, at the very least, in some sort of physical configuration) has been to combine multiple products into one neat box. But far from a corner-cutting affair, these boxes look to be a pretty sweet offering for fans.

Bauhaus’ box combines the first four albums, released between 1980 and 1983, by the British goth legends, along with a bonus disc of 20 single-only tracks and mixes. The first two albums, In the Flat Field and Mask (as well as their associated tracks on Disc 5), feature the same masters created for a set of expanded “Omnibus Editions” released in 2009, while the remainder of the repertoire is newly remastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Studios from the original analog tapes.

The Gene Loves Jezebel set features expanded editions of the band’s first five albums, from 1983’s Promise to 1990’s Kiss of LifePromise, along with Immigrant (1985) and Discover (1986), utilize the same remasters from a trio of expanded editions from 2005 (those sets, all spanning two discs each, have been condensed to one for this box). While the other two albums (The House of Dolls (1988) and Kiss of Life) were recorded digitally, the relevant bonus tracks have been mastered from analog tape where available – and both of those records have been expanded for the first time, with eight bonus tracks each.

Finally, the Fields of the Nephilim box features three expanded albums – Dawnrazor (1987), The Nephilim (1988) and Elizium (1990) – alongside the 1991 live album Earth Inferno and a bonus disc of 13 single tracks. Only Elizium has received the full remastering-from-analog-tape treatment; owing to a limited budget, the rest have been mastered from digital sources.

All three should be available in U.K. stores now, and are shipping as imports to the U.S. with an expected arrival date around next Tuesday. After the jump, you’ll find order links for all three, as well as the full track lists for each.

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Written by Mike Duquette

November 26, 2013 at 11:09