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Kritzerland Premieres Rare Scores From Paul Glass and Robert Farnon on New 2-CD Set

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Paul Glass - Overlord OST

The composers represented on Kritzerland’s most recent release might not be the most widely recognized, but the label’s deluxe 2-CD set from Paul Glass and Robert Farnon should surely earn them quite a few more fans. Overlord / Disappearance / Hustle brings together two scores from Glass (b. 1934) and one from Farnon (1917-2005) on two CDs – for the price of one. Glass, also a prolific composer of “serious” music including pieces for orchestras and chamber groups, was versatile enough to tailor his style to the film he was scoring. If it called for an avant-garde approach, he could provide it. If it called for an accessible approach, he could provide that, too. Farnon is perhaps best known as a composer of “light music,” but it’s a measure of the esteem with which he was held that he was selected to arrange and conduct Frank Sinatra’s sole album recorded outside of the United States, 1962’s Sinatra Sings Songs from Great Britain. The Grammy- and Novello Award-winning composer even inspired such eminences as Andre Previn and Quincy Jones.

Overlord / The Disappearance / Hustle is limited to 1,000 units, and is scheduled to ship from Kritzerland by the first week of June. However, pre-orders placed directly with the label usually arrive an average of three to five weeks early. After the jump: Kritzerland’s original press release explains why you need to hear these scores! Plus: the full track listing and pre-order links! Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Joe Marchese

April 17, 2014 at 13:57

Do Not See “Lady in a Cage” Alone! Thrills and Chills Come From Kritzerland On New Soundtrack

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The name of Paul Glass isn’t nearly as well-known as that of many of his contemporaries, but the Los Angeles-born composer (b. 1934) has carved out a distinguished career writing for the concert stage and the big screen.  Yet none of his soundtracks have ever been released on CD until now.  Kritzerland is offering the first-ever release in any format of Glass’ score to the 1964 thriller Lady in a Cage.  Directed by Walter Grauman (television’s The Fugitive, The Twilight Zone, Streets of San Francisco) and written by Luther Davis (Broadway’s Kismet, Grand Hotel), Lady in a Cage was one of the films to arrive in the wake of 1962’s then-shocking Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? with Olivia De Havilland filling the requisite “aging screen legend” role.  De Havilland had lensed the suspenseful Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte just the year before, but in the words of Kritzerland producer Bruce Kimmel, “Lady in a Cage was something wholly other – as nasty as Baby Jane and Charlotte could be, Lady in a Cage was in a whole other universe.”

Glass matched the outré nature of the movie with a score that Kimmel describes as “dissonant, creepy, jagged and perfectly suited to the film.”  That’s befitting a picture now considered a cult classic.  The film, which also featured James Caan, Ann Sothern and Scatman Crothers, concerns itself with Mrs. Cornelia Hilyard, a moneyed widow with a broken hip who becomes trapped between floors of the elevator cage she has installed in her home.  She places a distress call via the elevator’s emergency alarm, but the only response comes from a derelict wino played by Jeff Corey.  He becomes fascinated by the treasures that are his for the taking with Hilyard trapped.  He brings a prostitute friend (Ann Sothern) back to the house, but they are followed by a trio of unsavory characters.  Needless to say, violence breaks out. Will the “trapped, defenseless” lady in a cage survive?  The movie poster indicated, “What happens in this elevator is not for the weak.  It is, perhaps, not even for the strong!”

Hit the jump for more, including the track listing (spoilers ahead!) and pre-order link! Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Joe Marchese

May 3, 2012 at 15:15