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Full “Vs.,” “Vitalogy” Reissue Details Announced

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Pearl Jam fans will have a few more black (silver?) circles to spin when Vs. and Vitalogy are reissued this March – and now we’ve got full details on the sets, including deluxe formats.

We mentioned a few days ago that Amazon had shown track listings for each album that had three bonus tracks apiece. It was also assumed that there would be a box combining both expanded albums with additional swag, not unlike 2009’s Ten monolith. And now we have details on all that and more. First of all, in addition to the remastered and expanded albums, there’s going to be a three-disc set that will pair the expanded Vs. and Vitalogy with the fan favorite live show from Boston’s Orpheum Theater in April of 1994. Sounds like a good deal – until you get to the contents of the box.

That set will include four CDs of the same material, leading one to (probably correctly) assume that the show is going to be cut down for the three-disc edition. That’s a bit of a rub, when you consider just how much else is in the box. That would include the same contents of the CDs on five vinyl LPs (one for Vs. and two each for Vitalogy and the Orpheum show), a cassette of the band’s Monkeywrench/Self-Pollution radio show from early 1995, an “80-page composition book filled with photos, drawings and artwork by Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament” and “a glassine envelope containing a collection of Vs. and Vitalogy– era memorabilia including beautiful lithographs of each band member, postcards, posters and much more.”

That stuff’s great for the super-fan, but for those who want to hear the concert in full (and it is supposed to be a great set list), it’s a bit of a rub. And the box looks to be available only through the band’s official Web site, which is particularly unusual as the Ten box was a surprise best-seller.

For vinyl collectors and PJ die-hards, the vinyl Vs. and double-vinyl Vitalogy will be available at indie shops on April 12 for Record Store Day (four days later). The full press release is embedded after the jump; we’ve also included the full Orpheum set list to give fans at least some perspective on what’s to be expected from the eventual live releases.

(And a big tip of the hat to Matt Wardlaw of Addicted to Vinyl for passing this along!)

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Written by Mike Duquette

February 2, 2011 at 14:05

Pearl Jam Reissue Details Trickling Out

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We’ve previously covered the forthcoming wave of Pearl Jam reissues from Legacy, this time pertaining to the band’s second and third LPs Vs. (1993) and Vitalogy (1995). It seems that these sets might be closer to stores than previously known, thanks to some Amazon listings.

The retailer has March 29 dates for expanded editions of each album, as well as a box that looks to collate both of them with possible additional material. (This clears up a bit of confusion from a Rolling Stone story that seemed to suggest that there would indeed be a box set of both albums in one package.) Interestingly, there are provisional track listings attached to each page (well, attached to the Vs. and deluxe box set pages, at least) that indicate at least three bonus tracks for each of the albums. Vs. will have three non-LP songs (at least two of which were previously released in some form) while Vitalogy will feature three alternate versions of songs from the original LP.

Presumably, the deluxe box (which has nice-looking packaging) will feature a wealth of riches on par with the Ten box released in 2009. Assuming that’s the case, you might want to place a pre-order; the box is priced shockingly low – at just over $35 as of this writing. Information is certainly still to come on these sets, so tune in to The Second Disc to be ready when it arrives! Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Mike Duquette

January 31, 2011 at 13:15

Short Takes: Early Details on Reissues from Pearl Jam, Kate Bush

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  • A new Rolling Stone article has revealed some details about the upcoming batch of catalogue titles from Pearl Jam. The forthcoming reissues of Vs. (1993) and Vitalogy (1994) will feature “previously unheard bonus tracks (including an alternate version of “Corduroy” and a guitar-and-organ version of “Betterman”), an entire 1994 Boston show and a cassette from their Monkeywrench radio series.” The article is not clear, but it seems as though both albums and bonus material may be paired together, or a separate box set is going to be released. More details to come, we’re sure.
  • Following rumors that Kate Bush may release new music in 2011 – her first effort since Aerial in 2005 – it’s now being reported that four of her albums (The Dreaming (1982), Hounds of Love (1985), The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993)) will be reissued this year. Bush has got control of the masters from EMI, and is working with David Munns, a former EMI and Polygram executive, on the reissues.

Written by Mike Duquette

January 20, 2011 at 17:00

Release Round-Up: Week of January 18

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The Jayhawks, Hollywood Town Hall: Expanded Edition Tomorrow the Green Grass: Legacy Edition (Columbia/Legacy)

After months of waiting, alt-country fans get expanded versions of two Jayhawks LPs, including a deluxe set of Tomorrow the Green Grass with a host of previously unreleased demos. (Official site)

Pearl Jam, Live on Ten Legs (Monkeywrench)

The first volley in the iconic band’s PJ20 campaign honoring their 20th anniversary is a self-released chronicle of their live tours from 2003 to 2010. (Official site)

Written by Mike Duquette

January 18, 2011 at 08:55

Short Takes: Weekend Round-Up

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A few small notes that trickled out of the pipeline on Friday:

  • Pearl Jam have confirmed that there are more reissues forthcoming from their extensive discography, to commemorate their 20th anniversary. The Seattle rockers, who reissued landmark debut Ten (1991) as a Legacy Edition in 2009 and will release a live anthology, Live on Ten Legs, later this month, are planning similar deluxe sets for Vs. (1993) and Vitalogy (1994) later this year. A documentary directed by Cameron Crowe is also planned.
  • We’re not sure if this is going to be a missed opportunity quite yet, but MusicTAP reports a March 1 release date for an as-yet-unspecified compilation of Neil Diamond material from Columbia/Legacy – specifically, concerning Diamond’s years on the Bang label (which produced first hits “Solitary Man” and “Cherry Cherry”). Fans have been waiting for an exhaustive clearing of the Bang vaults – see Joe’s superb Reissue Theory post speculating upon such a set – but it remains to be seen as to what exactly this set’s going to be. (Don’t forget that Diamond owns those Bang masters, so it falls on him to utilize them as much as it does Legacy.) This new set is coming out March 1.
  • There’s going to be a release of material from Yes’ Union tour in 1991. This era of the band, which featured a massive collection of Yes men (Jon Anderson on vocals, Trevor Rabin and Steve Howe on guitar, keyboardists Tony Kaye and Rick Wakeman, bassist Chris Squire and drummers Alan White and Bill Bruford – essentially every classic member of the band), resulted in a tour that was the favorite of many fans. The bulk of this set is a professionally-shot, briefly-released live show from the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California on August 8, 1991, presented both on DVD and two CDs. Another bonus DVD will feature some official bootleg material from the tour. Read all about it from our friends at Addicted to Vinyl and order it here.

Written by Mike Duquette

January 8, 2011 at 14:43

Twenty Years and “Ten Legs”

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To celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band – a celebration that unofficially kicked off back in 2009 with a massive reissue of their debut album – Pearl Jam will release Live on Ten Legs, a concert chronicle of the band in the 2000s.

Culled from shows recorded between 2003 and 2010 (many of which have been offered by the band for download or direct-burn-to-order CDs), Live on Ten Legs will be available through the band’s long-running Ten Club and in indie shops on January 18. It will be available as a CD or vinyl set as well as a deluxe set that combines both with the usual photos and paper swag.

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Written by Mike Duquette

November 5, 2010 at 09:24

In With the Old: 2009 in Reissues

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Good evening and welcome to The Second Disc! Assuming you’ve taken a look at the page where I’ve explained this blog, I’d like to present a list of some of the best catalogue titles released to the public during the past year. This year was just as full of complaints about the demise of the music industry as ever (I guess part of this can be blamed on the general economic malaise gripping us all), but this really seemed to be a great year for reissues and box sets of all sorts.

Two notes before I begin. First, anyone who has befriended me on Facebook has possibly already read this list. I apologize for making you sit through it again. Second, and more importantly, a mini-disclaimer: my enthusiasm for reissues is well known to have manifested into an internship at Universal Music Enterprises, the catalog arm of Universal Music Group, as well as encounters with some great people who have done some killer work on catalog titles. Several of these titles were worked upon by people I have met. I will mark them with an asterisk, lest they be seen as mash notes from a fellow friend/fan/person eager to break into the catalog business. But trust me, I’d give high marks to these even if I didn’t know anyone associated with them.

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