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Pop-Punkers Yellowcard on Yellow Vinyl (and More) in New Box Set

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If you’re a vinyl collector or have an incredibly strong sense of nostalgia for recent things, this one’s for you: pop-punk band Yellowcard are compiling their discography onto a collector’s vinyl box set.

The Florida-formed, L.A.-based outfit enjoyed mainstream success with the upbeat “Ocean Avenue” (once expertly described by SPIN magazine as the song that plays right after Hoobastank’s “The Reason” at school dances nationwide). The band’s sound was pure pop with clean production and a skate-rat edge, but what set them apart was the presence of a violinist, longtime band member Sean Mackin. The band cut three albums for Capitol Records before taking a brief hiatus and returning with this year’s strongly-received When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes.

Now, current label Hopeless Records will release that album, the band’s three Capitol LP and the 2002 Underdog EP both separately and as a limited colored vinyl set (The Underdog EP on red vinyl, Ocean Avenue on blue, Lights and Sounds on gold, Paper Walls on green and When You’re Through Thinking… on purple marble). Fans can order all this here (the sets are available September 13), and you can reacquaint yourself with the albums after the jump.

Yellowcard Collection 2002-2011 (Hopeless Records, 2011)

LP 1: The Underdog EP (originally released as Fueled by Ramen FBR-053, 2002)

  1. Underdog
  2. Avondale
  3. Finish Line
  4. Powder
  5. Rocket

LP 2: Ocean Avenue (originally released as Capitol Records CDP 7243 5 39844 0 3, 2003)

  1. Way Away
  2. Breathing
  3. Ocean Avenue
  4. Empty Apartment
  5. Life of a Salesman
  6. Only One
  7. Miles Apart
  8. Twenty Three
  9. View from Heaven
  10. Inside Out
  11. Believe
  12. One Year, Six Months
  13. Back Home

LP 3: Lights and Sounds (originally released as Capitol Records 7243 5 70960 2 7, 2006)

  1. Three Flights Up
  2. Lights and Sounds
  3. Down on My Head
  4. Sure Thing Falling
  5. City of Devils
  6. Rough Landing, Holly
  7. Two Weeks from Twenty
  8. Waiting Game
  9. Martin Sheen or JFK
  10. Space Travel
  11. Grey
  12. Words, Hands, Hearts
  13. How I Go
  14. Holly Wood Died

LP 4: Paper Walls (originally released as Capitol Records 0946 3 79715 2 9, 2007)

  1. The Takedown
  2. Fighting
  3. Shrink the World
  4. Keeper
  5. Light Up the Sky
  6. Shadows and Regrets
  7. Five Becomes Four
  8. Afraid
  9. Date Line (I Am Gone)
  10. Dear Bobbie
  11. You and Me and One Spotlight
  12. Cut Me, Mick
  13. Paper Walls

LP 5: When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes (originally released as Hopeless Records HR725-2, 2011)

  1. The Sound of You and Me
  2. For You, and Your Denial
  3. With You Around
  4. Hang You Up
  5. Life of Leaving Home
  6. Hide
  7. Soundtrack
  8. Sing for Me
  9. See Me Smiling
  10. Be the One

Written by Mike Duquette

August 3, 2011 at 17:36

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