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Limping for a (New) Generation: Cherry Red Expands Blow Monkeys LPs

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Bruce Robert Howard, better known to fans as Dr. Robert, got the globe dancing in 1986 with one simple question: “Tell me, why is it I’m digging your scene?”

Dr. Robert and his band, The Blow Monkeys, bought a sophisticated alt-rock/pop sound to the U.S. and U.K. in the mid-’80s, disbanded as the ’90s dawned and reformed in 2007 to record new material and tour. Now they can add “reissued some classic albums” to their list of recent accomplishment, thanks to the folks at Cherry Red.

The band’s first two albums for RCA, Limping for a Generation (1984) and Animal Magic (1986) have been remastered and expanded by the label as two-disc sets featuring B-sides, remixes and unreleased material. Limping, described by Dr. Robert as “jazz-punk,” earned critical acclaim but only modest sales; the more streamlined, soulful Animal Magic, featuring a worldwide Top 20 hit in “Digging Your Scene,” was far more successful, sales-wise. Both expanded sets come with new notes and a total of 21 unreleased tracks, including demos and original mixes of “Digging Your Scene” and “Aeroplane City Lovesong” off Animal Magic.

The band will commemorate the sets in January with a one-off date at London’s Assembly Halls, in which they will perform both albums back-to-back. Amazon lists a U.K. release date of this Monday, November 26 for the deluxe Animal Magic and next Monday, December 3 for the expanded Limping for a Generation. Pre-order links and track lists are below the jump!

Limping for a Generation: Deluxe Edition (Amazon U.S./U.K.) (Cherry Red CDBRED544 (U.K.), 2012)

Disc 1: Original LP (released as RCA PL 70395, 1984) and B-sides

  1. He’s Shedding Skin
  2. Wildflower
  3. Atomic Lullaby
  4. Fat Cat Belusha
  5. Go Public
  6. Professor Supercool
  7. Man from Russia
  8. Waiting for Mr. Moonlight
  9. Limping for a Generation
  10. Trashtown Incident
  11. Rub-a-Dub-Shanka (B-side to “Go Public” – RCA 398, 1984)
  12. My Twisty Jewel (B-side to “Atomic Lullaby” – RCA 444, 1984)
  13. Kill the Pig (12″ B-side to “Atomic Lullaby” – RCA T-444, 1984)
  14. Slither (12″ B-side to “Man from Russia” – RCA T-418, 1984)
  15. Resurrection Love (B-side to “Man from Russia” – RCA 418, 1984)
  16. Kill the Pig (Pig Mix) (12″ B-side to “Forbidden Fruit” – RCA PT 40334, 1985)

Disc 2: Demos and live material (previously unreleased except where noted)

  1. Soul Boys in Slumber (Demo)
  2. He’s Shedding Skin (Demo)
  3. Wildflower (Demo)
  4. Fat Cat Belusha (Demo)
  5. Go Public (Demo)
  6. Limping for a Generation (Demo)
  7. Man from Russia (Demo)
  8. Waiting for Mr. Moonlight (Demo)
  9. Trashtown Incident (Demo)
  10. Resurrection Love (Demo)
  11. Rub-a-Dub-Shanka (Demo)
  12. Slither (Demo)
  13. Atomic Lullaby (Demo)
  14. Waiting for Mr. Moonlight (Live @ Hammersmith Palais – 12/13/1984) (B-side to “Wildflower” – RCA 477, 1984)
  15. Trashtown Incident (Live @ Hammersmith Palais – 12/13/1984) (12″ B-side to “Wildflower” – RCA T-477, 1984)
  16. It’s Not Unusual (Live @ Hammersmith Palais – 12/13/1984) (12″ B-side to “Wildflower” – RCA T-477, 1984)

Animal Magic: Deluxe Edition (Amazon U.S./U.K.) (Cherry Red CDBRED543 (U.K.), 2012)

Disc 1: Original LP (released as RCA PL 70910 (U.K.)/NFL1-8065 (U.S.), 1986) and B-sides 

  1. Digging Your Scene
  2. Animal Magic
  3. Wicked Ways
  4. Sweet Murder
  5. Aeroplane City Lovesong
  6. I Nearly Died Laughing
  7. Don’t Be Scared of Me
  8. Burn the Rich
  9. I Backed a Winner (in You)
  10. Forbidden Fruit
  11. Heaven is a Place I’m Moving To
  12. My America (B-side to “Forbidden Fruit” – RCA PB 40331, 1985)
  13. Walking the Blue Beat (B-side to “Wicked Ways” – RCA MONK 2, 1986)
  14. Digging Your Scene (Scat Mix) (B-side to “Wicked Ways” double 7″ – RCA MONKD 2, 1986)
  15. Sweet Murder (Eek-a-Mix) (12″ B-side to “Forbidden Fruit” – RCA PT 40334, 1985)
  16. Superfly (B-side to “Don’t Be Scared of Me” – RCA MONK 3, 1986)
  17. Digging Your Scene (Instrumental) (12″ B-side – RCA RPS-1027 (JP), 1986)
  18. Wicked Ways (Instrumental) (12″ B-side – RCA PW 14424 (U.S.), 1986)

Disc 2: Demos and remixes

  1. Digging Your Scene (Pete Wilson Mix)
  2. Aeroplane City Lovesong (Pete Wilson Mix)
  3. Guess I Love Her Now (Demo)
  4. Forbidden Fruit (Demo)
  5. Animal Magic (Demo)
  6. Wicked Ways (Demo)
  7. I Nearly Died Laughing (Demo)
  8. Sweet Murder (Demo)
  9. Digging Your Scene (Long Version) (12″ A-side – RCA MONK T1, 1986)
  10. Wicked Ways (Long Version) (12″ A-side – RCA MONK T2, 1986)
  11. Don’t Be Scared of Me (Extended) (12″ A-side – RCA MONK T3, 1986)
  12. Sweet Murder (The Smile on Her Face) (Extended Version) (12″ promo A-side – RCA 5775-1-RDAB (U.S.), 1985)
  13. Digging Your Scene (Phil Harding Remix) (10″ A-side – RCA MONK Y1, 1986)
  14. Sweet Murder (The Smile on Her Face) (Murderess Dub Version) (12″ promo A-side – RCA 5775-1-RDAB (U.S.), 1985)

Disc 2, Tracks 1-8 previously unreleased

Written by Mike Duquette

November 26, 2012 at 15:48

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