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La-La Land Re-Enters “The Matrix,” Draws “Wyatt Earp” for Milestone Release

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Wyatt EarpLa-La Land’s latest releases celebrate the ongoing legacy of the music of Warner Bros. Pictures, from modern Westerns to ultramodern action flicks – not to mention another landmark in the label’s own discography.

For its 250th release, La-La Land has greatly expanded James Newton Howard’s score to Wyatt Earp, Lawrence Kasdan’s 1994 drama about the real-life lawman starred Kevin Costner as the titular Earp and co-starred Gene Hackman and Dennis Quaid. Despite its star power, it was considerably less successful than Tombstone, Hollywood’s other adaptation of the Earp legend. (Costner in fact bowed out of that picture over creative disagreements and, reportedly, used some of his towering influence in the business to reduce its chances of being made. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t seem to work.)

But one thing is certain: Newton Howard’s grandiose score remains not only one of the film’s highlights, but an important latter-day entry in the scoring of Western films. And for the first time, it’s presented in its full form: a triple-disc set that not only includes the complete, unedited score, but an entire disc of early and alternate versions, album edits and other bonus ephemera. Tim Grieving contributes in-depth liner notes to this title, limited to 3,000 units and, like the label’s expansion of Rosewood, specially labeled with Warner’s 90th anniversary symbol to represent the studio’s ongoing milestone.

Matrix ReloadedThat Warner tradition is also on display with La-La Land’s other score reissue of the week: a two-disc expanded presentation of Don Davis’ action-packed score to 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded. The no-holds-barred sequel to the wildly successful sci-fi/action film created by Lana and Andy Wachowski featured Keanu Reeves once again as Neo, the all-powerful freedom fighter leading his human cohorts (including Laurence Fishburne and Carrie Anne Moss as Morpheus and Trinity) against the corrupt machines and their real-life simulation program, The Matrix. Along the way, Neo will come face to face once more with his archenemy, the nefarious program Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), who has become even more powerful since their last encounter.

While Reloaded and its sequel, The Matrix Revolutions, were heavy on big concepts that at times threatened to derail the awesome visuals and high-concept set pieces, the music of Don Davis was one of a great many highlights from the entire series. For both sequels, the composer joined forces with a number of electronic and trance artists, including Juno Reactor, Rob Dougan and Fluke, to create a markedly different score than what was heard in The Matrix. While this double-disc presentation is not complete (several score tracks were unable to be used due to licensing restrictions), it is the most complete set from the film on the market, and features for the first time several of Davis’ original, pre-electronic cues. Limited to 3,500 copies, Reloaded is ready to order today as well.

Order links and full track lists for both titles are waiting for you after the jump!

James Newton Howard, Wyatt Earp: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Limited Edition (La-La Land LLLCD 1250, 2013 – original film released 1994)

Disc 1

  1. Pre-Main Titles *
  2. Main Titles
  3. Virgil & James Return/Boys Go to Town
  4. The Wagon Train *
  5. The Gunfight/Sandstorm *§
  6. Hit to Kill (Long Version) *
  7. The Wagon Chase *
  8. The Railroad/Wyatt Plays Hardball *
  9. Wyatt Shoots Fireworks */Wyatt Returns to Lamar *
  10. Talk on the Porch
  11. The Wedding (Long Version) *
  12. Winter to Spring/Wyatt’s Nightmare *
  13. Urilla Dies
  14. Nicholas Springs Wyatt
  15. Wyatt Watches Buffalo */Skinning Buffalo *
  16. The Buffalo Hunt (Long Version) *
  17. Deputy Earp */Wyatt At Work */Wyatt Meets Lou (Long Version) *
  18. Dodge City/New Laws *
  19. Too Affable *
  20. Wyatt Rides to Shannsey’s */Ed Dies *
  21. It All Ends Now/Mourning Ed

Disc 2

  1. Tombstone (Long Version) *
  2. Mattie Wants Children
  3. Bringing in Stillwell */Making Bail
  4. Stage from Prescott */Wyatt Meets Josie *
  5. The Saddletramp *§/Passing the Bottle */Startin’ a Commotion *
  6. The River Seduction
  7. Releasing Curly Bill */Wyatt Takes a Drink *
  8. Wyatt and Josie in Bed
  9. The Night Before (Long Version) *
  10. The Brothers Prepare/The Shootout *
  11. The Aftermath *
  12. Cosmopolitan Hotel */Walk to Jail *§/The Trial */Virgil is Ambushed *
  13. Morgan Dies
  14. Where’s Morgan? *
  15. Guarding the Train */The Train Shootout *
  16. We’ve Stayed Too Long/One for Morgan *
  17. Ride Outta Town (Long Version) *§
  18. The Posse *§/Indian Charlie
  19. Campfire *†/Wyatt’s Ambush *
  20. Nice Mob
  21. It Happened That Way
  22. End Credits *

Disc 3: Alternates, Source Cues, Synth Mockups and bonus track

  1. Dodge City (Alternate Introduction) *
  2. Deputy Earp (Alternate) *
  3. The Wedding (Short Version)
  4. Wyatt Meets Lou (Short Version) *
  5. The Buffalo Hunt (Short Version) *
  6. Tombstone (Short Version) *
  7. Ride Outta Town (Short Version) *
  8. Wyatt Meets Josie (Long Version) *
  9. The Night Before (Short Version)
  10. Where’s Morgan? (Alternate) *
  11. Ride Outta Town (Alternate) *§
  12. It Happened That Way (Alternate) *
  13. Funeral Procession (Source) * – Brad Dechter
  14. Funeral Procession (Source – Alternate #1) * – Brad Dechter
  15. Funeral Procession (Source – Alternate #2) * – Brad Dechter
  16. The Wagon Chase (Synth Mockup) *
  17. The Buffalo Hunt (Synth Mockup) *
  18. Cosmopolitan Hotel (Synth Mockup) *
  19. The Posse (Synth Mockup) *
  20. Wyatt’s Ambush (Synth Mockup) *
  21. It’s a Boy/JNH Speech *

Portions of this score previously released on Warner Bros. 45660, 1994
*previously unreleased
§ heard in the Expanded Edition
† not used in either version

Don Davis, The Matrix Reloaded: Music from the Motion PIcture – Limited Edition (La-La Land LLLCD 1263, 2013 – original film released 2003)

Disc 1

  1. Main Title/Trinity vs. Car
  2. Enter the Neb *
  3. Smith At the Door *
  4. Furious Angels – Rob Dougan
  5. Smith vs. Smith */Free Flight **
  6. The Wonder of Zion */The Lascivious Lift */Link and Zee *
  7. Morpheus on the Mount */Zion Drum Source *
  8. Zion – Fluke
  9. Goodnight Zion */The Bane Transformation *
  10. Bane Voyage *
  11. First, I Must Apologize *
  12. Teahouse – Juno Reactor feat. Gocoo
  13. The Industrial Highway *
  14. Oracle Oratory *
  15. The Purpose That Created Us *
  16. Burly Brawl – Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis *
  17. Council of Cool */Meeting The Merovingian *
  18. Choice is An Illusion *
  19. Sample This *
  20. Meet The Keymaker */Some Skill *
  21. Chateau – Rob Dougan
  22. Double Trouble **
  23. Mona Lisa Overdrive – Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis

Disc 2

  1. Truck vs. Truck */The Plan */Final Flight of The Vigilant *
  2. Kill The Keymaker */Doddering Old Fool *
  3. The Problem Is Choice */Window Switch */Neo Miraculous */No More Nebuchadnezzer */Conclusion Confusion *
  4. Niaiserie – Kerry Walsh *
  5. Burly Brawl (Alternate) *
  6. Chateau Swashbuckling (Alternate) *
  7. The Plan (with Synth) *
  8. Niaiserie (instrumental) *
  9. Matrix Reloaded Suite

Portions of this score previously released on Warner Sunset/Maverick 48411, 2003
* previously unreleased ** contains music not heard in film

Written by Mike Duquette

August 27, 2013 at 16:21

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